Jeff Lerner Review

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner claims that his program ENTRE is made to make entrepreneurial education accessible to everyone. Jeff said that joining his program will enable you to become the best version of yourself and “not just to build business and make money.” Read this review if you want to know Jeff Lerner more.

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Jeff Lerner is a well-known affiliate marketer and co-founder of ENTRE Institute, an affiliate program with over 50,000 students. He claims that he was able to build multiple online businesses to over 8 figures and went to generate over $50 million in online sales. On his site, it was indicated that he is maintaining an active schedule of speaking events and media appearances while working day-to-day as ENTRE Institute’s CEO.

Like most financial gurus on the internet, Jeff claims that his path to becoming multi-millionaire is not that easy. He had failed on multiple ventures before, incurring $400,000 in debt and losing his house. Fortunately, a mentor shared a financial advice that he followed to eventually turn his life around and enable him to become a millionaire. This is why he is promoting himself as a mentor, someone with methods you can copy to become successful as well.

He seems to be focused on promoting his ENTRE Institute alone since the other programs linked in his site such as 7 Mile Digital and Xurli are defunct and out of business. Most of his resources such as the Millionaire Shortcut and Entre Blueprint is just redirecting to ENTRE Institute. Regardless, he had been part of other programs such as Copy A Millionaire, 6 Steps To Freedom, My Hidden Pages, and Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

If you have checked my The Millionaire Shortcut review before, you will know how shady Jeff can get. The first thing that you will notice are the deceptive practices he uses on his program. On ENTRE Institute alone, he employs several shady tactics like false scarcity and exclusivity. All the claims of limited slots and a discount offer that expires when you do not act quick are just fake. The program has been accepting new applicants every day without limit for years and the discount offer will just reset if you refresh the page.
Another deceptive strategy is the hidden upsells. His introductory programs are either cheap or completely free, but it is just a front of a sales funnel that will eventually squeeze your pockets dry by 5 figures or more.

Most importantly, there are a lot of reviews that describe Jeff’s course to be a bunch of motivational talks but with zero actionable steps. After all, the writing is on the wall when an affiliate program that claims to be a legitimate only instructs to exclusively be an affiliate of their own product.

Jeff Lerner Review

Worst, Jeff has been part of at least three separate programs that was shut down by FTC due to financial fraud.  As mentioned earlier, he is involved with My Hidden Pages that redirects to My Online Business Education (MOBE). MOBE has been shut down by FTC due to it being a “fraudulent business education program.”
He also had a program that directed to Aspire, a part of Digital Altitude that has been shut down by FTC due to its deceptive scheme causing $14 million in consumer’s injuries. Lastly, he was part of Carbon Copy Pro that was closed due to a complaint in Florida of scamming someone of $40,000. One of the guys sued in the Carbon Copy Pro case named Andrew Cass remained close associates with Jeff for over 8+ years. Bird of the same feather flocks together, am I right?

To add, Jeff has been sued by Wealth Master International (WMI), a company he had partnered with before. He was sued for the following: breach of agreement to exclusively market WMI’s financial education and consulting products; breach of and/or participating in the breach of fiduciary duties to WMI; misappropriation of WMI’s secrets; business disparagement and libel; and unjust enrichment and conspiracy. The case was litigated for many years, with motions of dismissal being denied for several times. This means that it is very likely that there is a truth behind this lawsuit.

To conclude, it is recommended not to join any program handled by Jeff. He had a questionable past stained with integrity issues and has been involved multiple times on programs that are labeled scam by FTC. The cookie cutter scheme in the scam programs he had connections with is still apparent on his current programs. Worst, the program that promises its students ridiculous earnings is just motivational talks rather than an actual training. Ultimately, why pay a premium to listen to a man that talked incessantly but nothing of importance is really being said?

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