Reviewing Jeff Clark’s Net Worth (Trader)

Whenever you watch a video on YouTube, you may come across a lot of different ads. Sometimes those ads can’t be skipped so you just back away while it plays. Maybe something in those videos will get your attention. It’s so hard to sit through very long ads which is why I signed up for the ad-free experience. But not everyone can spend so much money on subscription services so they have to settle with watching ads.

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Jeff Clark showed up in my radar while I was researching about other personalities that talked about financial advice. You’d be surprised at how many different accounts on the platform talk about that kind of stuff. There are some with just a few hundred subscribers, while others have thousands of subscribers. With so many accounts like that, how can you even pick? Even with the plethora of choices out there, you’ll still feel bogged down by a lot of them.

So I came this 41-minute video where somebody sat down with Jeff Clark to talk about his entire strategy. So I spent watching the first seven minutes or so waiting for him to talk about this strategy of his. He puts out figures with sources to different online publications. Throughout those seven minutes, Jeff talks about the gains that he and the people who used this strategy got in just eight days. Apparently, they got thirty-seven years worth of gains?

At that point, they haven’t really talked about this one specific stock you have to buy. And the video was just 12 minutes into it. Good god. I feel like I couldn’t sit through the next 29 minutes of this. So I skipped through a few seconds. There’s just so much fluff in this freaking interview. Just get to the point, please.

The interviewer asked Jeff, “Why can’t I just buy stock at companies like Apple or Tesla?” Jeff explains that while these companies do earn billions of dollars a day, it doesn’t mean that it’s worth trading. He brought up a bunch of more numbers within a two-week trading period. Facebook went down 2.3%, Apple went up 3% and Tesla went up 12%. He mentioned the whole one stock phrase again. Okay, sure. It’s what this whole is interview is about. Apparently, he gained 100% from buying that one stock. But what is it?!

I couldn’t really sit through the next half hour of this. The interview is just so slow. What I didn’t realize is that there was a transcript of the interview of it available on some website. So I scrolled down… and scrolled down… and scrolled down. It felt like I spent the same amount of time scrolling down and watching the video. So I finally reached the part that talks about that one stock you have to buy. That one stock that helped Jeff Clark earn a estimated net worth of $15,000,000. And you know what that one stock was?

It was gold. Yeah… That was that one stock he raved about all throughout that freaking interview. It felt so obvious now, in hindsight. But, man, what a bummer. All the teases and that was all it was. Even after that reveal, there was still a bunch of other stuff that they talked about in that interview. But there wasn’t really much else that you had to be aware of. The thing that they talked about at this point of the interview was the online classes that Jeff Clark has on his website. The whole interview was basically just an ad.

I look through a bunch of reviews that I could find about the different kinds of classes that he has. And it doesn’t really look all that great. 80% of the reviews that his website has on Trustpilot are one-star reviews. The content of the negative reviews mainly had to with how much money they spent on his classes. Because in the interview, Jeff kept talking about how much he and his readers have been gaining, right? All that talk about 37 years worth of gains in roughly a week. But it doesn’t seem like the stuff that he talks about in his classes lead to all of them getting any substantial gains.

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