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Jeffrey Tucker Net Worth

Learning about different kinds of personalities is honestly the best part about writing these articles. Would I have cared about these people prior writing about them? Not really. Would I care about these people after I wrote about them? Eh, it depends on the personality, I guess. I don’t really want to care about some of the people that I write about. It’s great that I am aware that they exist. And that’s really all there is to it. Just knowing that there are people who have found some success or notoriety in the field that they are in is enough for me.

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There are some personalities whose viewpoints I do not agree with. But that’s the nature of life. Not everyone will be have the same mindset as you. It’s good to have some differences in viewpoints. But there’s really only a certain number of differences that I could begrudgingly accept. And it’s definitely harder the more I learn about them. It’s amazing how, once you’ve reached a certain age, it’s difficult to entangle yourself from the viewpoints that you have held for so long. There’s no longer any room for a shift in how you view a certain concept.

I haven’t really heard of Jeffrey Tucker prior to writing about him. But the more I look at photos him, the more annoyed I am. There’s just something about the vibes he gives off that makes me regret writing about him. Sometimes, there are just moments where you see a person and you’re like, “No, thank you.” Jeffrey is definitely one of those people that just makes want to stop what I was doing and leave if he’s ever in the same room as I am.

It’s hard to express exactly what about Jeffrey that elicits this kind of reaction from me. If you look at a photo of him, he just looks like a normal white guy. He’s not particular bad to look at. But there’s just something about him that just gives off a creepy feeling. Is it the bowtie? It probably is. Bowties on grown men are very hard to pull off. I don’t think any grown adult has managed to pull off an ensemble that involves a bowtie. I don’t think even kids should use bowties even though it seems much more appropriate for them.

There wasn’t really anything I could find about Jeffrey Tucker with regards to his personal life. For somebody who gets interviewed fairly frequently, there’s very little information to work around. He was born in California. And his dad was a historian. When I tried to search for his dad’s name on the internet, I was only able to find one book that he wrote that was available to purchase. I guess you don’t have to be a prolific author to be a good historian. But, man, the cover for the book isn’t all that great.

It seems that Jeffrey was really deadset on becoming an economist. He studied economics as an undegraduate at Texas Tech University and Howard Payne University before he went to graduate school at George Mason University. During his time at Howard Payne, he came across the writing of the Austrian School. It’s a school of thought in economics which I do not have the time to browse through. It’s always interesting how a specific moment can influence your entire life.

I think Jeffrey was always a libertarian? Or was exposed to the philosophy of it during his years in college. I guess it makes some sense that your political and economic beliefs have solidified more in college because you’re a lot more exposed to literature and people who espouse those beliefs. In the 1980s he worked for politician Ron Paul as an assistant to Lew Rockwell. He basically worked within and around libertarian circles for most of his professional life. He also served as the editorial director of the American Institute of Economic Research in 2017. He still serves a role with the think tank as an independent editorial consultant. At that point, Jeffrey Tucker earned a net worth of $3,000,000.

Jeffrey also became an advocate for Bitcoin. It sort of made sense, to be honest. It doesn’t really have to do with his political beliefs. He definitely looks like a guy who would be into crypto. The vibes are just so apparent.

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