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Marketing Funnel Academy Review (Summer Jeronimo)

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Summer Jeronimo has been an active figure when it comes to network marketing. She claims that she has a proven system that makes it so that she’s able to recruit top earners into her business network. Doing this has allowed her to achieve well over consistent six-figure earnings in her business, and she’s willing to teach it to others so they can achieve the same level of success as she did. The secret lies in her so-called “Social Funnel System”, but what exactly is it? And will this also work for you? I have some doubts, but you may come up with a different conclusion after reading this review.

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As far as experience in multilevel marketing is concerned, Summer has plenty in that department. She joined her first MLM when she was 19 years old, but it was still a struggle for her. It wasn’t until after 10 years of hard work that she finally succeeded in that business. And by 30 years old, she was a top earner in her organization. She was enjoying steady success, making six figures, and getting expensive cars, until it hit rock bottom. Suddenly, what made her successful stopped working (for reasons unknown). As a result, it was getting harder, and her team wasn’t happy.

Of course, Summer won’t settle for that. She needed to break that slump and get back into the game. And it’s not just for her own, but for her team as well. She needs to see her team do better. To make the business fun, exciting, and enjoyable again. And so she turned to online materials for her education needs. She bought online courses, joined some masterminds, and others. They were good, according to her, but they’re either incomplete or not specific enough. None of them suited her needs. Then she decided that having a mentor would solve her problems. So she hired her old friend, network marketing legend Ray Higdon. It was a huge leap of faith, since it cost her around 60,000

And it paid off. Bigtime. Ray Higdon himself taught Summer new and effective strategies on how to recruit online. And the best part of it is that anyone can do it, and it can be applied to any company. It’s that simple, Summer claims. You didn’t need to be young, tech-savvy, with a ton of social media followers to be able to utilize this. Thanks to this new method, Summer’s network marketing business is 100% digital. And it afforded her more freedom that she was able to visit other countries like Greece, Paris, Egypt, Thailand, Dubai, and more, all for leisure. She’s also earning even more money from those strategies, too. Allowing her to buy a new Porsche for her husband and get their dream home. They’re even able to treat their own parents and donate to various charities.

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The strategy that Summer uses to build her downline isn’t really as complicated as one may think. Because it only relies on one thing: Social media. According to her, using social media for this purpose makes it more stable, more scalable, more socially acceptable, and much more attractive to prospects. Summer attributes it to science when describing its effectiveness. Her method also doesn’t require you to continuously sit on your computer all day to generate content, nor will you need to use high-pressure tactics to get people to sign up. Her Social Funnel System makes it all possible.

Here’s how Summer’s method works. You create a free private Facebook group. You film one marquee video that will get people excited to know more, and you add it to the group. Add in as many testimonials as you can find. Then start adding prospects, tagging them under the marquee video. Invite your upline and downline too. Have them share their wins. The so-called Amazon Effect kicks in. “With so many positive reviews, it must be good.” From there, you follow up and close. That’s basically the gist of it. The Social Funnel System protects your time, does all the telling and selling for you, and takes the pressure off of you, specifically, having to convince someone they should join.

Summer claims that her system works because it’s already been proven, and it’s much easier on your prospects since the approach is direct-to-the-point. And you don’t even need to be some super-popular influencer to be able to succeed here. If you look at it closely, it relies on plenty of testimonials from your existing members for it to work. But if you want to find out more, you can book a call with her team and apply for her Top Leader Academy program. The cost for joining isn’t revealed upfront, but prepare to shell out more than a thousand dollars for this. But why would you join something like an MLM in the first place? I strongly recommend that you avoid MLMs at all costs, because it’s not the best business there is. Not to mention the risk of a scam…

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