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Jerry Green Review (Real Estate Mentor)

Real Estate Mentor

Jerry Green always shows his love for his children on the boomer’s social network [guess what it is]. From celebrating their birthdays and engagements to plugging their career milestones, work of art, and money-making hobbies, you can really say he’s one proud and loving dad. Is this an indication that Jerry would be an absolute swell of a real estate mentor as well? Find out below.

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Of course, the social network I’m talking about earlier is Facebook. What else, right? Unless I miss some grandpas talking mad sh*t on Twitter, I think Zucc’s blue app is still the undisputed boomer’s ultimate haven. T’is the same app where Jerry is sharing his stuff as a real estate mentor and president of Real Estate Solutions Unlimited.

In fact, he’s been sharing stuff there that’s sometimes not posted on his website. For instance, I saw him posting about a free virtual summit for scaling your real estate biz during recession on Facebook, yet he didn’t bother to mention it on his website.

I do consider that he’s not the one personally responsible for managing his site. Whoever they are, the point is, it’s not Jerry himself. Still, dude should’ve instructed his peeps to update his site. Like, be more serious with ya copy outside Facebook.

Not too much of a big deal, but worth noting nonetheless. I don’t think it’s unfair to ask him to make it easier for us to know him well. It’s not just the timely updates, but also it’s overall content… or lack thereof as the website’s a bit barren.

I’ll say improve it, tell us who the hell you are. Not just in an embedded YouTube video, but, ideally, also in some well-written prose. Not everyone has the time to scroll through your Facebook and YouTube channel, y’know. Besides, he’s calling himself a virtual real estate investor (or REI for short), so he better be good at this virtual stuff.

Speaking of him being a virtual REI, his latest mentorship offer is a two-day live training on virtual REI systems and operations. With this, you’ll be able to systematize your biz, create accountability, and have a game plan to follow next year. That’s the promise, anyway.

Gotta admit, I’m on the fence of calling this a mentorship. Like, it’s a mentorship in a sense that there’ll be hand-holding involved, but it’s also not since it’s too short compared to the usual that runs for three, six, even twelve months. Ya get it. Anyhow, let’s go over the training first, shall we?

For day one, the training approach is to familiarize with the broad, general concepts of Jerry’s REI systems. Here, students will learn how to set up virtual acquisition systems, how to lead without being a micromanager that everybody hates, what are the important KPIs and who’s responsible for ‘em, why you must have core values to grow your biz, and many more.

Meanwhile, day two is all about creating a customized game plan that takes students’ individual needs into consideration. Here, they, the students, will receive a complete workbook that details the plan plus a Google Drive folder will all the necessary business documents.

Now, for the million dollar question… What’s the price for getting a seat at Jerry’s mentorship offer, then? Well, Jerry’s offer posted under The Jerry Green dot com would cost you $3,900 plus $1,100 for each additional team member.

Jerry Green Review

That’s not cheap, but certainly not the priciest offer compared to other real estate mentorships out there that could easily cost you at least five figures. Although, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s also very short-lived and more like a quickie typa mentorship that ends too soon. Don’t think it’s enough time to get all that mentorship juice… pause, but I’m actually serious.

That said, the main reason why Jerry’s mentorship won’t be getting my approval is me not being a big fan of his business model. Jerry seems like a decent mentor, but still, real estate is something I just won’t recommend to beginners. It’s just too much of a risk right now to sink lots of your Gs and time in. 

With all the cost-cutting shenanigans by big playas just to stay afloat, I’m not liking the chance of success here for y’all who are, for the lack of better term, just your run-of-the-mill average person. Harsh, but true.

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