Internet Jetset Review (John Crestani)

John Crestani

Internet Jetset is what John Crestani calls himself. It’s also the name of John’s course that’s recommended after watching the lengthy webinar on IM Jetset dot com. Speaking of the webinar, it features John himself and his humongous pile of benjamins. Then, there’s also the infamous money gun, but he didn’t use it this time. Given the  said visuals, you’ll easily assume that you’ll make money with his course. Will you? Find out in my Internet Jetset review below.

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Not that I’m easily swayed by the shiny stuff, but I’m not particularly worried about his grand entrance from a heli this time. It’s like alright, nice get-up and villa you got there dude, even though I already have other thoughts on the back of my mind. Of course, I’m thinking that he just rented out everything instead of owning it. Opposite of what a self-proclaimed multi-millionaire guy is probably implying. And yeah, I dunno why, but that sh*t is so fake to me, like his webinar being a “live” broadcast type of fake.

Regardless, it’s still not as bad as him talking about racks like he’s in the hood or sum. F*ck outta here with that talk. Try to walk around the hood for real and you’ll get jumped fosho. Dude acting tough when his usual goofy ass haircut says otherwise. Overall, how he carries himself leaves a lot to be desired. Seeing him flex what is likely a pile of play money is just cringe worthy IMO. Similar to every other sh*tty gurus being flashy mofos by “pulling out tha toys.”

Anyway, that’s how he presented Internet Jetset, his short basic training to wannabe affiliate marketers. It’s divided into 12 modules with the last one being a sales pitch to his full flagship course Super Affiliate System. The 12 modules are titled as follows: The Online Business Blueprint, Introduction to the Internet Jetset, Choosing Your Niche, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Setting Up Your Website, Copywriting Basics, Launch Jacking, Authority Review Sites, Facebook Ads For Affiliates, and Super Affiliate System.

That seems a lot, but all of the training is just surface-level stuff. Something you can learn from the internet for free. Lots of gaps within the training too and it is by design since the goal of John here is to upsell his pricier Super Affiliate System program that’ll fill the said gaps. It’s either you buy Super Affiliate System first with Internet Jetset already included or buy Internet Jetset and then you’ll be asked to upgrade to Super Affiliate System. 

Yeah, Super Affiliate System is the endgame of John Crestani’s courses. I’ll call it “pulling out a Thanos” personally as this reminds me of the following quote: “You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.” But yeah, if you end up buying Internet Jetset first, the program costs $47 a month. Otherwise, you’ll get it with the Super Affiliate System for $997.

Internet Jetset Review

My thoughts? Well, first off, I really won’t recommend an incomplete training with knowledge that you can easily learn for free. I won’t pay for the convenience of having an organized course either, I don’t think it’s worth it. In fact, the training is relatively disorganized compared to other similarly priced courses. Don’t settle for less, y’all.

To add, I also don’t like some of the strats he mentioned in the course. Launch Jacking, in particular. I’ve already talked about it in a review before, but basically it’s reviewing upcoming products before they even release. The main point is you’ll be the first to review them and ride the hype as an affiliate. The problem, aside from being unsustainable, is you’ll be encouraged to give glowingly positive reviews regardless of the product’s quality. And usually, the products you’ll be reviewing are crapshoot, unfortunately. Are you willing to mislead people for a few coins? I hope not.

Above all, I just can’t trust John Crestani as a mentor. He’s shady af to me and that’s not even accounting for his flashy marketing. To start, he was banned from Paypal before for selling a scummy course. He also got accused of stealing content from a YouTuber regarding copywriting. And I don’t know if it’s an honest mistake, but he’s also promoting MOBE, a fraud training that has been halted by FTC since 2018. I’ll pass.

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