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Jewelry Profits claims to be your one-stop shop for getting the eCommerce solutions that your business needs. Founded by Devin Zander and Matt Schmitt, asserts that you can only go up with them. Among the many offers of like Shopify themes and courses, one that stands out is Jewelry Profits. It’s one of the site’s most expensive offers, after all. Fancy starting your very own eCommerce store? Read this review below to know whether Jewelry Profits and its business model is worth it.

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As the name implies, the Jewelry Profit course will teach you how to build a profitable jewelry eCommerce store. They refer to it as the “I heart you” biz that can earn a six-figure income… all while you’re sipping your favorite drink and just chilling on the sofa. It’s also not like your typical dropshipping, Amazon FBA, or building your own eCommerce site endeavor. It’s significantly  better as it has all the advantages of the said three, but has none of the downsides. That’s what Matt says quite boldly in the intro webinar, anyway. 

And oh, the “I heart you” term refers to a t-shirt with a print of the said term. By connecting the dots, you’ll realize that what they offer is a combination of selling jewelry and Print On Demand (PoD), the latter being the business model used in selling the mentioned t-shirts and similar personalized merchandise (see Dave Kettner’s mugs, for example). In short, your products here would be jewelry with message cards.

So, how does this business model work? Matt hurriedly mentions that it is easy as one-two-three. One is “love u” and mind you, these are the exact (and only) words of Matt, I’m just as confused as y’all. Turns out, it’s just creating various love and appreciation message cards for different occasions, and pair a corresponding jewelry that goes with it. Two, you’ll upload the design of your lovey-dovey messages to a website that’ll handle PoD. Three, you’ll connect with your audience and sell your goods. Most of the work is done by the PoD provider who will, aside from printing your message cards, process orders, package it, and ship the package to your customers. Simply put, what’s left for you to do is finance and market the thing.

Worried about marketing because you don’t have a sliver of skills on it? Matt says to not worry at all as you basically don’t have to “sell” your products, anyway. He’s referring to jewelries being an “evergreen product.” Being “evergreen” here is slightly different from what Sophie Howards describes in her Blue Sky Amazon program. Instead, it means that the product will never go out of style and is easy to sell all year round. What’s more is you’ll be tapping on a $21.5 billion market once you become a merchant of these.

Here’s what you’ll get by joining Jewelry Profit: a step-by-step seven-module training that’ll walk you through from A to Z,’s proprietary software with “proven to sell” pre-built design templates, weekly group coaching, and access to a Facebook support and networking group. For the price, Jewelry Profits would cost you $997. Reviews

My verdict? Just how I don’t usually recommend eCommerce endeavors, I wouldn’t recommend’s Jewelry profits too. Look, I don’t think that some corny-ass message card (which I’m  imagining as the “live, laugh, love” type of corny) would auto-magically turn your jewelry slash eCommerce store into a unique cash coughing machine. In fact, there’s a whole lot of current sellers who’ve done the same sh*t, as in including the said card on top of the jewelry, before you. Hyping the said biz like someone found a cure for cancer isn’t warranted at all. What’s really appropriate here is a “thank you, next!” energy, IMHO.

Speaking of current sellers, the amount of money you’ll spend to market this to stand out among the other sellers will eat up a chunk of your profit margin. Matt said it himself, it’s about $500-$600 a month for the ads alone (so the talks about “evergreen” is a lowkey cap all along) I’ll say you might need more. Unless you’re a social media influencer with some clout, the ad campaign you’ll need will run your wallets dry like Sahara desert.

What’s worse is you’ll be sharing the so-called “proven to sell” templates provided by Jewelry Profits with other students of the course . From the get-go, you already have an obvious competition if you stick to those designs. If you choose to deviate, it’ll either cost you money, time, and/or effort… It depends if you draw ‘em yourself or hire somebody to do it for ya.

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