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Jesse Jhaj may be a name that is familiar to many of you, especially when you frequently browse YouTube. After all, he’s one of the hosts of the once-popular YouTube channel Simple Pickup, where you can watch these guys basically try to pickup girls at a random place and time (and succeed in doing so). After the channel was gone and they go on their separate ways, Jesse founded and developed several programs that aim to help other men in dating, and eventually getting, their dream girl. Endless Options is one of those programs. But effective is this program in what it does? This Endless Options review may help you with your decision.

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Online dating has become much more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. And it’s even more significant now that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted most people from going out and having dates. The popularity of dating sites like Tinder and others is a good testament to that. Even some social media networks have added features to accommodate online dating, such as Facebook Dating. But you should know that online dating isn’t really much different from physical pickups and dating at its core. Thus, the success rate of people trying to hook up on their dates online can still vary. And for men, it may be a bit harder, as some even claim that the chances of getting their dream girl online are, at the most, much slimmer than physical dating.

Jesse Jhaj recognizes this problem among men. His experience during his time at Simple Pickup has taught him quite a few things on how men should approach women in an attempt to hook up with them. He even reputedly spent around 2+ years and several millions of dollars testing all the theories about getting women online. He created several dating profiles on Tinder, each with different bios and openers, and tested them in several scenarios so he will know what works and what does not. He even ran several Facebook and Instagram ads for further testing. As he claimed, “I crawled through broken glass, determined to find the perfect online dating system. And I found it.” And all of these findings, he collected and turned it into a system with the intention of helping men who are just down on their luck with girls. This is how Endless Options began.

Basically, what Endless Options is trying to teach, is that, as a guy, you should do your best to “market yourself” on these dating sites. And it all starts with making your profile as presentable as possible. After all, first impressions last, right? Thus, everything being taught here focuses on optimizing your Tinder profile. From making a bio that can capture the attention of girls, to determining what photos you should post. It even has a lesson on to take your photos to make you as good-looking as possible, the proper facial expressions, and it even suggests hiring a professional photographer. And once you caught the girl’s attention and she starts chatting with you, Endless Options also has a lesson on what openers you should say to bring her in even more, and how to properly talk to her so that she won’t be turned off. Finally, there are also some extra lessons that you want to learn here in order to further increase your chances of attracting the girl you like. Some of the most notable lessons here include improving your Instagram bio, as well as using Tinder’s voice memos instead of text chats, for added appeal and sincerity. The Endless Options online course costs $197. And if you prefer a payment plan, it will be 3 monthly payments of $87.

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While the price of this online program may seem attractive for some guys, ultimately, I don’t see a reason why you should take a course about online dating like this. One of the reasons is that most, if not all, of the lessons taught here are, in fact, taught somewhere else as well. And some of them don’t even charge any kind of fee for those lessons. But the biggest reason for me not recommending this course is that, in some cases, your chances of getting the girl that’s right for you may even lower if you use some of the lessons here, especially with regards to your Tinder bio. While your profile may look good, it may come at the expense of individuality and proper expression. If you’re not being truthful in what you’re saying in your bio, then you’ll surely find yourself attracting the wrong girl. If you’re faking it here trying to make your Tinder profile look good, it’s only going to make things worse.

Besides, most of the time, women, especially the hottest ones, prefer men who have a higher social class than they have because they’re going to feel more secure. Not to mention, having a good physique helps a lot, so working out is a must (though with the trend of “dad bods” recently, it may not be necessary as long as you look good at face value). Finally, looking rich is vastly different from being rich. Thus, remember that you should be earning a lot of money, enough that you don’t even need some effort to look good because your high social status reflects you. Thus, this course isn’t really necessary for me. Besides, why will you listen to a guy whose content was accused of harassing women?

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