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James Graham, known otherwise as Jim G, has been investing in real estate for over thirty years… Well, one of his recent posts on LinkedIn says thirty, his bio says twenty-nine, and his about page— twenty-seven. The disconnect is real. Heck, even the link he posted on his bio doesn’t work as intended. Instead of redirecting to a Jim G Coaching Club offer, it’s only returning error 404. Unlocking the path to generational wealth, you say? How about you update your sh*t first?

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His attention to detail is beyond pathetic. While it might not matter in the grand scheme of things, I still hate it. It’ll only take him seconds to update one, two prominent pages of his, y’know! Yet he didn’t.

Let’s forgot about that bit for a minute and let’s hear what he has to say about Airbnb rental arbitrage. This is the business model he’s preaching at Jim G Coaching Club.

In a YouTube video, he calls the attention of landlords, business professionals, and/or entrepreneurs who might be still burning the candle at both ends. If you’re one of them and is still trading time for money, then he says that you better listen.

Well, listen to Myron Golden give his piece of advice first, and then stay for Jim G’s breakdown that inserts his own experience in Airbnb. It’s part reaction video, part sharing interpretation like we’re in a poetry class, and part Airbnb propaganda in one. Sort of.

Let’s go over the highlights of what Myron said first. And I quote, “Trying harder is not the formula for success, it’s the formula for exhaustion… We have to be transformed by renewing.”

“If you’ve never renovated anything, you really can’t appreciate the significance of this passage because the word renovate means to tear out the old, clean up the mess, and put in the new… You gotta tear out some stuff…”

Jim G relates to this by “tearing out” the real estate strategy that’s no longer serving him. From having over two hundred fifty units in his portfolio to zero. He sold everything.

He explains why, “I love the cash flow, I love the peace of mind and not having to deal with tenant drama, or any kinds of other drama.” This is how he imply that you don’t need to own a property with Airbnb rental arbitrage.

Oh, and also, as a devout Christian, he wants to be a good husband and father. It’s not only about providing financially, but also being around to help your wife and raise the children according to the instruction of the lord.

He needs to set his priorities straight. The thang he’s been doing before means he’s doing more, more, and more while only getting incremental returns. It’s not worth the time investment, so, again, he made the switch to an Airbnb biz.

Tearing out the old stuff might also mean tearing up the indoctrination, the old way of thinking that we learn from schools, our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and so on.

This is what makes us feel that we can’t have success with our education unless we’re working for someone else and help them build their generational wealth. When, in reality, we can build generational wealth for ourselves. Essentially, we’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and lead astray.

Unlearning the “lies” we’ve been told for generations usually requires doing something different. It seems hard at first, but it’s doable. And if Jim G was able to do a major shift in doing his business, so can you.

If you want to learn how exactly Jim did his rental arbitrage thang, he prepared a “bulletproof template” to get landlords and homeowners hit you up within the next day or two. Price is $19.97. If you want him to tweak and customize the template to make it really yours, he also offers a VIP experience that costs $297.

Jim G Coaching Review

Besides the templates, you’ll also get the following: Four days of training with Jim G himself, including a VIP Pre-game Q and A call; thirty-day access to his Airbnb Intro private platform and Win-Win Principles and Don’t Believe The Lie video training; and membership to his Airbnb Today Facebook group.

Are the said offers affordable? Absolutely. Are they worth it? I don’t think so. I don’t even need to consider Jim G. The fact that it’s about Airbnb rental arbitrage is enough to make say hell nah to this. Too many variables to take into consideration: The laws, the landlords, the demand for short term rentals (STRs) in the area, etc.

Speaking of laws, NYC is finally enforcing a stricter law regarding STRs. Specifically, they require those who have properties up for STR register as host, and be physically present in the property while it’s being rented. If other states follow suit, this means not being able to have hundreds of listings across multiple states, as Jim G mentions. Oof.

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