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John Banovich Net Worth

There is something amazing about seeing an artist do his work. I don’t know a lot of artists outside the more famous ones. You know, your Picassos and Van Goghs. The type of artist you’d see on display at a museum that isn’t tied to a certain exhibition. But there’s something about more current artists that amazes me. It’s sort hard to get into something like art because there have already been so many people that came before them. But that didn’t really stop anyone for pursuing it.

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I don’t really know much about current artists nowadays. I know that there are a lot of them creating their own artworks as we speak. Or is it type and read. With the internet, it seems easy to find new artists that create art based on what’s happening in the world right now. Often, art is political. It reflects the circumstances of the time that a certain piece of art is made. But sometimes, there are artists who are more into showing you the beauty of the world than its strife. Though, there are ones who do both.

Whenever I think of art with regards to wildlife, it’s often in the form of documentaries. I always enjoy learning the process more than the actual output for the most part. The way people talk about the technical aspects of getting to photograph or film wildlife in their natural habitat interests me a lot. I always admire how they manage to use current technology to find ways of doing their work without putting their lives in peril.

I never would’ve have expected that there are people who have made it their careers to create artwork based on the rich wildlife on this blue marble we call Earth. When I learned that there was somebody out there who creates paintings of wildlife, I was amazed. I don’t really know much about them. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise that there are people like them.

One thing that I often notice whenever I research about a certain personality is that there are instances where a certain moment in their life would serve as the spark for them to pursue a certain career. This happens a lot with artists and musicians. There’s just something about about those small moments that lead into something bigger than you would have ever imagined.

For John Banovich, it was when he was growing up reading books like “The Jungle Book” that lead him to pursue a career in wildlife and art. It seems that his father was an integral part of it, seeing as he had a penchant for the outdoors. By the time he was in sixth grade, he managed to sell two paintings of his.

He went to take up a major in both zoology and art at the University of Montana. It made so much sense for him to take two majors that seem opposite each other. He then went on to transfer to the Art Institute of Seattle where would take up an associates degree in visual communications.

By the late 1990s, he became interested in doing artwork on a large canvas. It seems that his career in art slowly took off. One of his artworks that he did in 2002 managed to sell really well when he released a limited edition print run for it. In 2007, he started a non-profit organization called the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation which focuses on efforts for the conservation of wildlife across the world.

There isn’t really much else after that, it seems that he still creating his paintings in order to get people more interested in preserving wildlife. Every now and then, his artworks get presented in exhibits in different museums. It’s definitely not the type of artwork you’d normally expect to be put into an exhibition. But there’s definitely a space for it. At this point, John Banovich has a net worth of about $8,000,000.

It’s amazing to see people pursue their passion like that. A lot of personalities do tend to do some philanthropic work. But I don’t often see them have as much passion with this sort of thing. Like I said earlier, small moments in a person’s life could sometimes lead to things bigger than themselves.

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