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Everybody can find a way to earn money through the internet nowadays. Heck, even writing an article for a website like this one can be a viable way to earn money. But the trick is you have to commit to it. Earning money through the internet involves different skillsets and knowledge for you to find success in it. There are a lot of different ways that you can potentially earn money from. The internet is vast. But often, there are already people finding for attention and clicks to their service or product on the internet. Still, you have an insane amount of reach compared to just your immediate vicinity.

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One of the ways that you can earn through money on the internet is through affiliate marketing. If you have been a frequent visitor on this website, you probably know a lot about affiliate marketing. There are so many different reviews about all the training and mentorship programs about it on this website. Like… There is a lot. Each and every single one of these programs offer some kind of take with regards with affiliate marketing. It makes sense though. You can do affiliate marketing through a variety of ways on different platforms. It’s no wonder that people like John Crestani have found success in it.

John Crestani is no stranger to this website. There have been a few reviews on the training programs that he has regarding affiliate marketing. Although, the training program just went through a rebrand of sorts, going from Internet Jetset to Super Affiliate System. The latter name makes a lot more sense the former. Internet Jetset sounds like an app where you can tour the world through your computer or smartphone. Sometimes what you name your products helps you in the long run.

There isn’t really much known about John Crestani’s life before he got into affiliate marketing. There was a video on his YouTube channel titled “The John Crestani Story (How I Went From Broke To Rich)”. I tried to watch the video. But, man, I couldn’t make it through the whole thing. The video felt more like he was doing a motivational speech in front of an audience in some hotel conference room. Bear in mind that video has runtime of 35 minutes. That feels like length of a keynote speech, to be honest. His life story kind of started when he got fired from his job at a marketing firm. He was already doing pretty well for himself, bringing in six-figure revenue for the company. But when he asked for raise, the firm turned him down. That lead to him to lose motivation to do the work that’s expected of him. That’s why they fired him.

Since he already hand a bunch of marketing experience, it probably wasn’t too hard for him to get into affiliate marketing. For those unaware, affiliate marketing is just strategy where you lead people to a certain product. If those people buy the product through the link that you sent them, you get a commission out of it. With affiliate marketing, you kind of have to leverage the platforms that you have. Most websites utilize affiliate marketing as part of their revenue stream, while it’s not a big part of it, it’s good that they have it. Content creators also do this. That’s why you often get ads in their videos where they promote a product and have a specific URL that’s tied to them. That’s kind of the whole deal.

With the affiliate marketing training program that John created, he’s basically teaching you how utilize different platforms and learn what it takes to become an effective marketer online. The program involves you creating a landing page, often using a template given through a specialized website that you get when you pay for the program. I’m not really sure if that’s the case for John. But other training programs of that nature rarely deviate. Because, creating your own landing page takes a lot of time, money and effort to do.

Still, the affiliate marketing business worked out pretty well for John. If you watch a bunch of his videos, you can see him travelling to different countries, standing next to sports cars that may or may not be his. It’s no wonder than John has managed to earn himself a net worth of about $2,500,000. I mean, he did go into affiliate marketing with some kind of experience in marketing. So he had an advantage. Not everyone has that. Though there are plenty of resources that you can find regarding that topic. Even John has some on his YouTube channel.

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