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John Riggi Net Worth

Writers play a huge part in any kind of production, whether on film or on television. Without them, it’s hard for everybody else in the production to do their part. Actors could probably improvise their lines, but I don’t know if that’s enough to sustain a 42-minute episode of television. I always enjoy hearing writers talk about their process for creating a certain piece of media. Even though I have been writing for a while now, I still have doubts that what I am doing is good. Every writer has those moments where they can’t execute the idea in their head onto paper.

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Comedy writers are the ones that I am really interested it. It’s very hard to write an entire episode of television that involves people saying their lines normally but with the intention of making people laugh. There is an expectation that you have to make a story make sense while also being able to deliver jokes in the voice of the character. I can’t imagine the process of writing an entire storyline and putting in these quips from the characters. Just thinking about it makes me so confused by the process.

One of the situational comedies that I have watched is 30 Rock. The premise of the series is revolved around the production of a weekly sketch comedy show on NBC. There is a big ensemble cast that mostly involves the people working on that show, whether directly or not. It’s based on co-creator Tina Fey’s experience working on Saturday Night Live as a head writer and cast member. I really enjoyed watching the show because there were so many jokes in the series. I think the show has one of the higher jokes-per-minute count out of a lot of other sitcoms. And so many people have been involved in writing on the show. That includes John Riggi.

Now, there isn’t really any information I could find about writer and comedian John Riggi. I’m not terribly surprised that a writer like him would have very little information about him online. I wasn’t really expecting it. But it definitely makes the job of writing about him and his net worth a bit more difficult. There are a few bits of detail here and there that I managed to find. Though it’s not really enough to paint an entire picture.

Before John got into comedy, he kind of wanted to go to medical school but not really. He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and spent most of his life there. He had taken up biology at the University of Cincinnati and graduated. He managed to pass the MCAT so that he could apply to a few medical schools. But he wasn’t really feeling it. He was living alone by himself because his mother had moved to Italy. Eventually he got a job at a company then, unfortunately, got laid off from it.

A friend of his called him up and said that the comedians he saw at the comedy club the other night weren’t really that funny compared to John during parties. So his friend suggested that he try out at one of the open mics they had at that comedy club. And I guess that’s how John’s comedy career started. Like any attempt at standup, the first few ones aren’t that great. But lucky for him, there was just this big moment for comedians at the time. So he was kind of at the right place at the right time.

Eventually stand-up lead him to becoming part of the writing staff for Dennis Miller’s talk show. Slowly but surely, he had started to get more experience as a comedy writer. He just wrote a spec script for the comedy series The Larry Saunders Show for fun without really expecting to get hired. And he did. He was building an pretty decent career as a writer.

Eventually, he got hired to write for 30 Rock and eventually got more up the production a bit. He had a bunch of other titles aside as a writer. But I never really know how much of those titles mean anything. Sometimes they just give to signify that they’ve worked on the staff long enough. At that point, John Riggi had a net worth of $1,750,000.

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