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There really is no way of knowing where our life will take us. One minute, you’re doing sketch comedy on YouTube. The next, you’re touring around the world with a bunch of other artists. It feels like the examples that I gave seem too specific to apply to everyone. But it is a thing to happened to someone. And that guy is Joji.

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I have heard of Joji prior to writing about him. But it’s only through conversation with friends who are fans of him and his work. Hanging around with other people will sometimes lead to you knowing a bunch of stuff you would’ve never known about. I had an idea of what he did. But I have never really seen any of it. I just had to rely on what my friends said while I nod like I understand what they were talking about.

Even as somebody who watches a ton of videos on YouTube, I actually have never seen any of the videos that Joji, a.k.a. George Miller, did before he started his music career. I watch a bunch of sketch comedy on the platform. But I guess my viewing habits weren’t enough for me to get recommendations to any of Joji’s past videos.

But before we get into his career, let’s talk about his personal life. Or what I could find anyway. Joji was born to an Australian father and a Japanese mother. He seems to have spent most of his life in Japan. His parents made him go to an international school, possibly just to be fluent in English? At 18, he moved to the United States to study in college.

Even before Joji moved to the States, he was already doing sketch comedy through his first YouTube channel DizastaMusic in 2008. It was until August 2011 that he uploaded his first ever video of his character Filthy Frank. Most of the videos in his first channel feature this character along with Pink Guy. What I appreciate a lot about the videos that Joji posted throughout his sketch comedy career is they’re very economical in length. There’s a few that go beyond four minutes but not so much that it felt like it was too long.

Joji had three channels in total. DizastaMusic was no longer his main channel, mainly because he didn’t want his account to get suspended due to the copyright strikes he’s received. The two new channels definitely leaned in more with the brand that he made for himself. As time went on, Joji slowly shifted form doing sketch comedy to actually releasing music. He used Pink Guy as a way for him to do music, even if it’s mostly comedic. It seems that Joji no longer had any interest in doing those characters. And while he has used Pink Guy as stage name when he initially performed his music, it later shifted to him releasing music as Joji.

While I was researching about him, I took a listen to his current discography. And I definitely see why his music is really popular. It’s so freaking dreamy. Is this what love and heartbreak feel like? I definitely understand why he wanted to separate his sketch comedy career with his music career, even though it sometimes would overlap. It’s hard sometimes to have an audience that may or may not have any interest in your side projects. But you do need a break from doing the thing that everybody knows you for, sometimes. It can be hard to make the thing that’s expected of you if you have no interest in doing it anymore.

Once Joji signed with 88rising, his career really started going. He released so much music within the five years that he has been performing as himself. He has released three albums namely, “Nectar,” “BALLADS 1,” and “In Tongues.” There have been two new releases in 2022. But he hasn’t release a new album yet. For the most part, he along with the rest of the 88rising artists are going around the world on tour for Head In The Clouds. At the time of writing, Joji has an estimated net worth of $1,500,000.

It’s really interesting to see the evolution of Joji’s career. Even though he always wanted to make music, it took him a while before he got to this point. And sometimes, it’s good to take a different path. You never know where it would lead you.

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