Jono Armstrong Review

Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong calls himself a human guinea pig of internet marketing strategies. His mantra on success is there is no such thing as get rich quick. For him, it requires drive, effort, and hard work to succeed in life. He did become successful in internet and affiliate marketing and would like to share his secrets on his program. Interested to join his program to be a successful affiliate marketer like Jono? Read this review first to know if he is the right mentor for you.

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Jono Armstrong is a full-time internet marketer and affiliate marketing expert. He is the founder of Ministry of Freedom, a training program on affiliate marketing (mainly being an affiliate of digital products because of higher commission rate). He claims to be generating an 8-figure income by being an affiliate marketer.

He is originally from Scarborough, UK but he is in Jakarta, Indonesia now since late 1999. He started as an English teacher but decided to try his hand on affiliate marketing since the salary for teaching was barely able to make ends meet. From impersonating as an official Amazon store to selling fake branded item as original in eBay and a dropshipping store, he admitted that his start on making money on the internet is unethical but profitable. In his dropshipping stint alone, he made an average of $5,000-$6,000 profit per month and around $8,000 during Christmas season.

Despite the success, he stopped his past ventures since he is tired of ripping people off and wants to start an honest business. This is the reason he created the Ministry of Freedom program. Instead of taking advantage of people, he is now teaching his methods to help them achieve success.

However, I doubt that Jono is over his unethical practices at all. His strategy to become successful in affiliate marketing is launch jacking which means reviewing a product before it was even released in the market. He explicitly said that the reviews for the said product must be positive regardless of its actual quality. If it is bad, he advises not to say it is bad outright since your goal is to sell the product. “Reviews should always be glowingly positive, it is all about maximizing sales,” he said. That is far from ethical business. As a reviewer, you should give fair and unbiased assessment on products if you want to have a good reputation. Instead of giving fake reviews to get commissions, you can just choose good products that you believe in.

The problem in choosing a good product in Jono’s program is that he instructed his students to sell products from Warrior Plus. As mentioned on my Ministry of Freedom review, the said site lacks good quality products. In fact, it is full of shiny objects that promises bold claims but cannot back it up. Rapid profit streams, cash machine, and fast track to six figures promises but in reality, they are of low quality or downright useless.

Jono Armstrong Review

It is also shady that most of the products that Jono recommends is affiliated to him and Ministry of Freedom. Your business is basically tied to him in every aspect which is not ideal. As the saying goes, “do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Most importantly, there are a lot of negative reviews directed to Jono and his program. There are multiple reviewers that mentioned their 60 days money back guarantee being a lie. To note, one reviewer shared how he was denied of a refund by deleting his post on the Facebook support group and banning him from commenting. Also, there are allegations that the positive reviews on Trustpilot are just bots paid by Jono himself. Ultimately, the general opinion on the course is it is sold under false pretense.

To conclude, I do not think that Jono Armstrong is a trustworthy financial guru. He has a track record of doing unethical business and despite him saying that he is over it, the methods he incorporates in Ministry of Freedom tells otherwise. I recommend skipping his program, there are better options out there that does not require you to do shady things just to generate income.

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