The Real System Review (Jorge Contreras)

Jorge Contreras

Jorge Contreras calls the attention of those with high-paying jobs but doesn’t have the assets that’ll enable passive income. “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will have to work a job until the day you die,” he continues. Worry no more, he says, as his The Real System program can teach you how to escape the said traditional job that usually trades your hours for dollars. Is this for real? Scroll below to know the answer.

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Here we go again with the promise of passive income through real estate. In Jorge’s case, it’s using Airbnb to have a set-and-forget biz that’ll keep the money flowing. All you have to do is do all the work upfront, and then it’ll sort itself after. He chooses this because he’s always fascinated with the idea of making passive income. That’s what he said in the webinar aka The Real System’s sales pitch.

And cut to the clown sh*t, he mentions that some kind of divine intervention led him to teaching his real estate secrets to others. That’s his reason why he’s still doing this thing despite being a millionaire at age 30. And wanting to create a real estate program that’s accessible to everyday people too. Bold claim to say when he can’t provide an accessible website. Not a hint on his pricing, course materials, and coaching details can be found. Make it make sense, Jorge.

This is not MLM too, but Jorge’s webinar manages to radiate the usual toxic vibes of MLMs. Y’know, made possible by him pulling some random acronym out of his ass. I’m talking about the word “fear” becoming F.E.A.R. aka False Evidence Appearing Real. Like dude, fear is fear. Get yourself a dictionary and STFU.

Anyway, he also revealed his two main philosophies in life. They are as follows: focus on progress instead of perfection, and do what you can, with what you have, and where you are. Essentially, act quickly and start right away. It doesn’t matter if the action you take is a big leap or just baby steps, it’s still a movement in the right direction. 

Speaking of Airbnb, Jorge recommends two ways to create a steady and reliable income through it. And by the way, he mentioned purchasing too as the third possible route you can take to create what he calls as “cash flow producing assets.” However, it’s something you can’t do right away due to high capital requirements, and in turn, doesn’t align with his philosophies. He’ll teach it anyway in The Real System for the successful you in the future. 

So, without further ado, the first way in Jorge’s recommendations is subleasing. It’s the same ‘ol rental arbitrage stuff I’ve reviewed before. The concept is quite easy to grasp. Find a landlord, rent their place on a long-term basis, and list the place on Airbnb so you can offer it to guests, usually tourists and non-locals, on a short-term basis. That’s it, basically. Easier said than done, though. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy on paper, but complicated af in actual execution irl.

And I think Jorge is aware of the said issues, especially  the legal complications. Instead of being frank and honest, he tries to downplay it by saying that it’s legal as long as you’ve asked permission from the landlord. The usual state regulations say otherwise. He’s caught lying in 4k, no way he doesn’t know the laws when he’s doing real estate biz since 2012.

Meanwhile, the second recommended way is Co-hosting. Here, you’ll manage other people’s Airbnb. I won’t call this as something that will net passive income, but whatever floats Jorge’s boat.

The Real System Review

You’ll learn everything about subleasing, co-hosting, and purchasing properties in a 90-day program. Topics included in the online course materials are as follows: how to find properties and what to look out for such, how to negotiate with landlords, where to find quality furniture on Amazon, and how to hire virtual assistants. There’s also templates and scripts that you can use as reference.

Aside from the course materials, the program also comes with a weekly group call, one-on-one coaching, and a Facebook support group. I assume a couple thousands for the cost. It’s not just a guess, though. I actually based it on Jorge’s 6-week offer before at $497 for an improvised and/or impromptu course. He got bashed, deservingly so, for that, by the way. 13 complaints on BBB for a fairly new company like Jorge’s is a big yikes.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend The Real System as a way to learn replacing your current work’s income stream. Besides the bad stuff I already mentioned, an Airbnb biz, being seasonal, is far from Jorge claims of being a provider of steady and reliable. In fact, the chances of operating at a loss is much higher.

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