Online CEOs Review (Josue Pena)

Josue Pena

Josue Pena mentions that some people believe that sales is the number one key factor for a winning biz. He’s not “some people” as he begs to disagree. To him, sales is what people say on your face and he’s not concerned with it. Not as much as what people say when you’re not in the room. It’s all about your brand and he’ll show you how to build it well in his Online CEOs program. My review about it starts below.

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Not gonna lie, I was pretty confused with what he means by sales the first time he mentions it. His copy is not doing him any favors at all, I’ll tell you that. Initially, I thought he meant purchase aka making a sale. Which left me wondering, isn’t it the main reason why you’re building a reputable brand? Obviously, as a sane business owner, you’re not only after exposure because that sh*t alone doesn’t pay the bills.

Then it hit me, dude’s not talking about making a sale, but the sales process itself. To give you an example, a follow-up call from ISAs is a sales process, while social media marketing is building your brand. Again, he’s more concerned about the latter because it’s your money machine. That’s what he believes himself, anyway.

Here is where his Online CEOs program enters the picture. It’s based on his proven strategies (or so he says) on how to leverage Instagram growth hacking to your brand’s advantage. In other words, marketing through the “most viral social platform” in Instagram. Yup, this is apparently how you’ll get peeps to talk highly of you even if you’re not in the room with ‘em.

He adds, “I show successful entrepreneurs how to use Instagram to build and/or grow their business, without the pace of a slow learning curve, and how to manage accounts to take advantage of the time, right now.” He’ll teach it— wait, scratch that— he’ll do it for ya ala SMMA style, so it won’t be a problem that takes you off from working on what you do best in your biz.

Well, that’s assuming your biz has something to do with being a coach, a personal consultant, or an expert. That’s because the suggestion here in Online CEOs has to do with converting your low ticket offer to a high ticket and high converting one. Obviously, this also means that you should already have a biz up and running. Not for beginners, only for “professional business owners who have a personal brand” as Josue puts it.

Besides trying his damn hardest to show that he’s no scammer in the pitch (I wonder why), dude also shares some interesting tidbits about Instagram marketing that he calls its pillars. First would be the importance of your fishing angle, preferably in thirty-second videos that’ll get your prospects sliding into your DMs. Don’t talk much, don’t stall much, and remember, “the riches are in the niches.”

Online CEOs Review

Next would be using conversational marketing to strike deals with those you hooked up with your fishing angle. With his scripts, your closing rate will apparently improve by a lot. Also, he suggests hanging out on communities where your customers are, then get your message heard there. Lastly, he encourages not learning/doing it all by yourself. Hire a mentor… hire him instead! How convenient, amirite?

Now, speaking of hiring him, the cost of his service in Online CEOs starts at a whopping $4,500 a month. Hoo boy, he really ain’t capping when he says he’s all about high ticket offers. But hey, I’ll remind you that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Like the case here with Online CEOs, it’s not good at all.

Besides (proudly) associating himself with shady online gurus like Kevin “I blatantly fake ‘em receipts” David and Grant “trust me, I’m a billionaire (he’s not)” Cardone, he’s allegedly one of ‘em himself. Even worse, he’s a fake it ‘til you make it dude who got busted for exaggerating figures in his income claims. His followers on the ‘gram? Beep boop, they’re mostly bots. Most importantly, his offer is just way overpriced. As one reviewer puts it, you’re not paying that much unless you want to get f*cked in the ass. Hence, I’m not recommending Online CEOs or any of Josue’s offers.

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