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Julia Haart is probably someone you may have seen on your Netflix feed. As the star of the streamer’s reality show “My Unorthodox Life,” a lot of the focus is on her life as a mother, a wife and a CEO of a well-known company of modeling agencies. She worked hard to get where she was today. And you can see on the show that she lives a very comfortable life with her husband and her kids. But how did she get where she is today? What is her life story? And how much is her net worth?

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In Julia’s recollection, she was raised in an Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, New York. She felt that her life in that community was restrictive. The way she describes it in her Netflix series, women were basically seen as lower than men. They weren’t really allowed to show off their femininity that much because it would get them unwarranted attention. Julia felt that she was being restricted in that community. She felt unhappy. Shortly after her eldest daughter Batsheva got married, she left the Orthodox Jewish community to restart her life.

In 2013, she changed her name to Julia Haart and started her own line of shoes. She partnered with an Italian ski boot engineer and a Germany company that makes a gel used by NASA—yes, that NASA—to create comfortable but fashionable shoes. Her shoe line proved to be successful. So much so that Italian luxury fashion company La Perla decided to collaborate with Julia for an accessory collection in 2016. Eventually, La Perla bought Julia’s shoe brand. Shortly thereafter, she was hired as the company’s Creative Director. It was through that position that she would meet her soon-to-be-husband Silvio Scaglia. (Silvio was the owner of the fashion company until it was sold in 2018.)

In 2019, Julia and Silvio tied the knot. It was also around that time that Julia was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Elite World Group, a company that owns multiple modelling agencies around the world. Her management style for the company is to treat the models that it hires and manages with respect. She had a similar ethos to her shoe line and her role as creative director for the lingerie company. You have to treat people with the respect they deserve. And clothes have to be comfortable for the person wearing it.

Netflix released the reality series My Unorthodox Life on the platform in 2021. Reality shows, such as this one, pair fairly well to its stars. But at this point of Julia’s tenure at EWG, she has already reached a net worth of almost $600 million. The series has been met with criticism from the Jewish community for how Julia framed her time as an Orthodox Jew. Page Six released an article debunking most of what Julia has said in this series, most of them about her life in Monsey. The streaming service has since renewed the series for another season. There’s no news yet of its release.

Earlier this year, Julia was fired as CEO of Elite World Group. On the same day of her firing, she filed for divorce against her husband Silvio. The events have unfolded with a set of lawsuits, one of which disputed her claims that she co-owns EWG. Unfortunately, it was struck down in favor of Silvio. The fallout between the two has complicated the filming of the Netflix series. They began production for it around the time of her firing and the subsequent legal troubles that followed her. It is unsure whether or not the second season will ever make it onto the service due to a cease-and-desist filed against Julia, Netflix and the show’s producers.

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