The Junk Academy Review (Kyle Landwehr)

Kyle Landwehr

Kyle Landwehr is serious in showing that one man’s trash is anotha man’s treasure. Or should I say, taking out trash is where the treasure at. Lemme spell it out for y’all, dude is actually running a junk removal company in Slam Dunkin Junk. And if you want to know how he’s able to operate it successfully within the Saint Louis Missouri area, you gotta join The Junk Academy. Should you? My thoughts below.

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But first, let’s define what Kyle means by operating the company successfully. According to him, Slam Dunkin Junk is able to go from earning zero to a whopping seven figures a year in just two short years. Yup, he’s talking about getting over a mil every year here.

Seems like he’s either exaggerating figures, not telling the whole story [is the figure clean, take-home money or what?], or both. Regardless, it’s nice to see that the biz is all real, and not just a figment of his imagination. Far cry from the typical dropout turned young entrepreneur we see in the coaching space.

But, of course, just because a guru is not faking their biz— at least, not every aspect of it— doesn’t mean their course is automatically good. A decent businessman doesn’t necessarily translate to being a good mentor, y’know. Like, what if The Junk Academy is junk? Is it, really?

With that said, let’s start talking about The Junk Academy itself. Founded by Kyle in 2022, The Junk Academy has since been providing their students a process to either launch their very own junk removal biz or scale an existing one. And it sounds rather ambitious, but they promise to scale your biz just like theirs. Yup, y’all be getting over a mil a year apparently.

“If you don’t crush it, you don’t pay,” they say to show confidence with their abilities to produce results. Cool assertion, I guess, but it’s all nonsense without it inked on terms and conditions. What even are their standards for “crushing” it? Not really counting on ‘em to fulfill this one.

Anyhow, here’s what they’ll cover in their course. Starting off with the foundations, they’ll reveal all the basics you need to cover to start the junk removal biz. Things like what hauling truck to buy, what manpower to outsource [so you don’t do all the dirty work yourself], what to charge, that kind of stuff. Then, they’ll also hook you up with systems and structures, so you do what you need to work ON the biz, and not IN the biz.

The course also includes coaching on techniques, so you’ll know how to run the biz efficiently. Minimize the operating expense, avoid costly mistakes, etc. Finally, there’s also info on how to generate leads. A very welcome addition I should say since knowing how to get locals within your area interested in availing your service is the key to getting the bag here.

Now, what’s the price of The Junk Academy, then? He didn’t mention any in the site— the said site is actually missing a looot of deets, and not only the pricing— but I assume The Junk Academy would cost around $5k. Now, is the course worth your Gs or nah?

I’ll say nah for a variety of reasons. Reason number one is The Junk Academy’s terrible sales copy. Like, I get it, Kyle probably wants to save the exciting deets for the sales call, but I’d rather have ‘em written on the site too. Put up your terms first before we start talkin’. Being mysterious just for the sake of it won’t sit well with me.

The Junk Academy Review

Reason number two is the lack of social proof. Simply put, unless I’m missing something, I’ve seen no one talk about ‘em outside their site, their social media accounts, and their YouTube channel. I don’t want the idea of us being a guinea pig here. Kyle better leave the experiments to scientists.

Ultimately, reason number three is the business model itself. While junk removal is legit, it’s something I really don’t prefer. I don’t agree with Kyle claiming that issa side hustle that you can start with little to no money. Like c’mon, not everyone has a spare truck and trailer lying around. Those ain’t cheap, and cost five to six figures at least.

To add, it’s not a side hustle in a sense that it’s time-consuming. Besides taking the trash out of your customers which is already quite messy itself, you also gotta dump it somewhere else. That takes time. Personally, I’d rather keep my biz online, work wherever and whenever I want, and get leads for junk removal businesses like this instead.

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