Tk Kader Review

Tk Kader

Tk Kader expresses his belief in asking for help and mentorship to get advantages you cannot get working alone in an Instagram post. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” he continues. Through his The Legion of Unstoppable program, he claims that he can provide the said mentorship and coaching if you need help in launching, do Go-To-Market (GTM), or scaling your Software as a Service (SAAS) business. Can you trust his claims? Read this review to learn more about Tk and his coaching offers.

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TK Kader is an entrepreneur and business strategist that specializes in providing coaching on SaaS. Basically, SaaS is a business that provides applications over the internet as a service (usually subscription-based). No need to download and install an application, your service will work as long as the computer has a commercial browser like Chrome and Firefox and is connected to a reliable internet. To add, TK is also active on publishing SaaS related contents on his YouTube channel with over 22.1k subscribers.

Tk always wanted to be an entrepreneur. That is why at age 28, he tried his hands on a SaaS business. It was a software for salespeople called ToutApp. It was successful and become a multi-million-dollar business with the help of prestigious venture capital firms in the world in A16z and Jackson Square. In fact, being able to raise over $20 million in capital from the said firms is already an achievement. He sold the said business to Marketo and help them deliver the biggest and fastest SaaS transaction at $4.75 billion sale to Adobe.

He claims that the said experience from being the solo founder of ToutApp taught him how to launch, build, and scale SaaS businesses. At age 37, he decided to launch his coaching program on SaaS instead of moving on to another SaaS business of his own. It was a personal choice- coaching individuals to achieve their dream SaaS business makes him happy. “I now spend my time guiding high achievers, like you, gain clarity into who they want to become, and execute with certainty and an unstoppable mindset,” he continues.

His flagship offer posted in his site titled SaaS GTM Program caters to individuals who want to accelerate their B2B SaaS business’ growth to $3 million plus annual recurring revenue via what TK called as Unstoppable Mini Funnel. The said funnel will also enable you to clarify your niche, develop a strategy, and run a Broadway show that drives growth. Specifically, the program includes the following: SaaS GTM Training and Sales Funnel Blueprint, SaaS Strategy training, Wednesday group coaching calls with TK, and Unstoppable Community Membership. The cost to join this 12-month membership commitment is $2,000 per month (for 12 months) or $19,000 onetime payment.

Tk Kader Review

Unfortunately, the cost is too steep for a mentorship course but slightly reasonable because of its SaaS inclination. This flagship course is not for beginners at all since you are also expected to have your own B2B SaaS business already. Even the supposedly introductory SaaS Launch training program at $1,997 requires you to have the knowledge of building the SaaS application (like coding).

In fact, building a SaaS business is not for everyone. It is not something that you can take a course like Tk’s and voila – you can now make your start your own SaaS business. You must have programming skills to create the application you will provide as a service. Otherwise, you need a huge sum of capital to outsource the technical skills needed to make your idea of an application a reality. Only after that when you can use Tk’s course to avoid the pitfalls that leads to a failed SaaS business. The said pitfalls are building the wrong product, burning all the resources to development, and not marketing and selling enough.

In conclusion, TK Kader and his programs is not a scam. In fact, he is a very credible person in terms of building SaaS businesses and has verified evidence of him being successful in what he is preaching. If you have your own SaaS business and wants to learn more about it from a mentor, then his courses on launching, GTM, and scaling might interest you. If you are a beginner without any programming skills and does not have the time to learn such, then skip this program and choose a better business model that will suit you.

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