Kallzu Ads Review (Chris Winters)

Chris Winters

Kallzu Ads is marketed as the most profitable and successful call only training available today. According to its founder Chris Winters, it is easily the most comprehensive training on setting up your own call only campaign that is also beginner friendly. As long as you are a serious business minded individual, Chris guarantees that you can generate profits quickly with the said business model. Learn more about Kallzu Ads by reading the review below.

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Kallzu Ads is an online training system that includes video discussion about the fundamentals of pay-per-call (PPC) affiliate marketing. Topics related to PPC such as relevant software and tools, offer selection, keyword research, site building and scaling, and page optimization are also included. It was founded by Chris Winters, an internet marketer that specializes on search engine optimization (SEO), PPC affiliate marketing, and eCommerce.

The core training  is headlined by a module named Welcome to Kallzu Ads – Start Here, a 6-minute video content that offers a quick overview of the program. Next is Module 2: Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Setup which discusses the most suitable niches in affiliate marketing and the qualities of a good affiliate marketer. Module 3: Resources and Tools is a 28-minute video that introduces tools relevant to affiliate marketing like Kallzu 2.0 software, Adwords Editor, Uber suggest, and iSpionage Keyword tool. Module 4 and 5 titled Offer Selection and Keyword Discovery discusses what their title suggest. For Keyword discovery module that lasts for one hour and 35 minutes, the Keyword Planner will be the suggested software to use. On the other hand, module 6 titled Website Build Out provides brief tutorial on how to create your WordPress website. Module 7: Optimization and Scaling includes topics on optimizing your site, bidding strategies, and dynamic keyword insertion. Lastly, Module 8: Advanced Strategies and Tools is a 40-minute video lecture that suggests ways to improve your affiliate marketing platform further.

Aside from the core training, the program also offers subscriptions to Kallzu Konnect which enable calling approved affiliate offers directly and Kallzu 2.0 software which is a tool for managing PPC transactions. Kallzu Vault, a platform to sell your leads to interested business owners, will also be provided. Finally, the program also includes Kallzu Live which are webinars from Chris and top-performers of his program. All of this plus VIP support and twice a month coaching session retails before for $797 for the first three months and $39.99 every month thereafter. It was changed around 2019 and becomes a one-time payment of $997 for the core training modules and VIP support. Other subscription-based offers like Kallzu 2.0 software and Kallzu Konnect are separate from the one-time payment. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee for the program which requires you to attend a one-on-one coaching  before they acknowledge your refund request.

Kallzu Ads Review

The program does not warrant the expensive cost at all. All the modules are lacking depth (the longest one not even passing the 2-hour mark) and very basic excluding the module on PPC. This was the consensus  on the reviews of those who subscribed for the program. One notable reviewer who claims to be a SEO expert mentioned that he subscribed on the program hoping to expand his knowledge on sales campaign but unfortunately, he did not learn anything new in the program. “He (Chris) has created a waste of a course that would never benefit any business the way he claims,” the reviewer continued.

There are also complaints on the program being full of upsells of Chris’ other courses and products. Most of the reviews are also mentioning that the business idea is just overhyped and not great at all, some even losing at least a thousand dollars to make it work. To conclude, most of the reviews are negative except the few ones that are hilariously fake. Imagine telling a course is great and “hands down the best course I have taken” by comparing the size of Chris’ Mansion in Bali to the houses of those who left negative reviews and saying that they are idiots.

Chris Winters and Kallzu Ads is not a scam. However, I do not recommend his program because it is overpriced for what it offers. There are also better models than PPC Affiliate Marketing that does not require a lot of time and effort to master. Ultimately, I do not agree with Chris’ claims especially on the comprehensiveness of his training. Excluding the module on PPC, it is quite the opposite and lacking depth.

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