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League of Ecom’s founder Jay Kambo said that money can’t buy happiness. In an attempt to flex his recent trip, however, he said that it can at least buy him a ticket to Mexico that’s basically the same thing as buying happiness. And obviously, he’s claiming that League of Ecom made this “travel wherever” lifestyle possible. Jay’s fancy version of 9-5 where he grinds filling the passport with stamps, I should say. Scroll below for my review about his program.

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Take note how Jay credits League of Ecom with his lifestyle and how I chose to word it out. Just like how he attempts to flex his trips, I’m also attempting to express my skepticism on the businesses his League of Ecom is suggesting. He’s also just twenty something years young, so there’s also that. Is he really earning his keep by doing what he preaches or is it from selling programs and dreams?

I bet that it’s the latter for at least a major chunk of his income, but we can only speculate. Just like the usual eCommerce gurus, dude doesn’t give any of ‘em sauce to his own stores. Either way, how can his League of Ecom be the engine for your eCommerce success, then? I’m asking this because of the not-so-ideal situation of the eCommerce space today. To put it lightly, the future is not so bright for newcomers here. You can thrive, sure, but it’s so much easier to get burned out. Likewise, you can get a winning store, but at what cost?

You know what, enough speculations, let’s proceed with checking out League of Ecom, shall we? Promising a successful passive income future, League of Ecom is an eCommerce program that mainly provides Done For You (DFY) automation service for Shopify dropshipping, Walmart, Amazon FBA, or all of them plus more in one hybrid setup.

I had to say this early, but I’m not a fan myself of any eCommerce automation offers simply because this means serious money. With serious money, I mean the huge capital requirement for the inventory plus all the hefty fees that comes with taking the management of your store outta your hands. Kinda iffy business model for me, but let’s see. Maybe their semi-automation offer (aka coaching program) I forgot to mention earlier is worth it, who knows?

So, to continue, let me spill the things I found worth noting on League of Ecom. In particular, their advantages over other DFY Automation service providers. First is their warehouse network that can fully support all your warehouse needs. Whether it’s for dropshipping or Amazon FBA, they can cover it for you.

Next advantage would be their connection with lotta suppliers of premium products. Not the no-name Chinese knockoffs, but the likes of Dell, Samsung, John Deere, among others. Another one is their transparency plus their timely KPI tracking. This is through an easy-access phone app and two account executives who’ll promptly respond to your inquiries. Finally, they’re also ensuring that your store would be risk-free of suspension and that they are US-based.

League Of Ecom Reviews

Actually, they also listed getting featured on Forbes, USA Today, and the likes as an advantage, but I don’t count it myself. These are just paid articles by them and I’m sure of it. Heck, the one posted on USA Today even explicitly mentioned that the story is “paid for by an advertiser” and that no one on their news and editorial staff is actually involved in the creation of the said content.

Excluding the (paid) articles, League of Ecom doesn’t have any social proof outside their site. With that said, I think it would be wise of me to not recommend League of Ecom. Sure, I found their website lowkey decent, but it’s definitely not enough to sway me to say otherwise. Also, don’t want any of y’all readers to be the guinea pig to try this one out first. It’s too risky especially with the hefty cost that comes with it.

Specifically, the League of Ecom’s coaching program is priced at $1,997. Meanwhile, all of League of Ecom’s automation offers have a starting cost of at least $30k. That pricey, ladies and gents. And with the eCommerce space, the dropshipping and Amazon FBA space in particular, being more competitive as ever, I don’t think you’ll ever want to choose it as your biz. Maybe during its golden era which is, like, many years ago, but not now.

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