E-Commerce Mentoring Review (Kamil Sattar)

Mentoring programs, especially for e-commerce, aren’t really anything new. It just seems like there’s just too many of them to choose from. It’s great to have an abundance of choices. But sometimes having too many choices can be a bit of a struggle. How would you even be able to find the best one when there’s so many of them out there? I have reviewed a few e-commerce mentoring programs in the past and I’ve barely scratched the surface with them.

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Kamil Sattar is just one of may e-commerce influencers who have found success in dropshipping. I’m actually kind of tired of hearing that somebody found success in e-commerce through dropshipping. From AC Hampton to Reza Qorbanie, almost everyone who does a e-commerce mentoring program has used dropshipping before. At least it seems like Kamil has some variety in his businesses because he also owns two online clothing company called Sole et Al and Fadcloset.

If you haven’t heard of the term dropshipping before, allow me to explain. It’s a pretty common method that a lot of different e-commerce business utilize. In a usual store that sells product, your store handles the inventory and order processing such as packaging and delivery. If you’ve ever owned an online business before, it’s really hard to maintain inventory. You have to keep buying stocks of a certain item when they run out. And replenishing inventory costs money. But it’s not guaranteed that people will keep buying the product.

With dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about managing inventory or processing the order to get it ready for delivery. You partner with a third-party wholesaler that has the product that you want to sell. Whenever somebody buys that product on your store, you will notify the wholesaler about the order. They take the product from their inventory. They pack it. And they deliver it directly to your customer. Often times, the product you’re selling is priced higher than what you will pay your wholesaler for it. The difference in price is your profits from that product.

Now you kind of understand why a lot of people find success in dropshipping. It doesn’t have any upfront costs. You don’t have to worry about maintaining inventory. Even the shipping is already handled by your partner service. It’s relatively an easy way to earn money in e-commerce. Most e-commerce platforms like Shopify already provide dropshipping suppliers so you don’t have to worry about having somebody to partner with.

The thing I noticed about a lot of dropshipping mentoring programs is that they aren’t upfront about the costs for their services. For the most part, those mentoring programs are targeted towards people who have yet to start their own e-commerce business. It’s relatively easy to sign up for an account on Shopify, which most of these mentoring programs recommend that you use. But the pricing for the mentoring programs are around $1,000 to $3,000.

The things that they offer in their mentorship program are similar to the ones I have seen. You get one-on-one coaching sessions, consistent customer support, templates, and proprietary tools that can ease the difficulty of running a business. You also get a $240 credit to Peeksta, which is a dropshipping platform that Kamil owns. There isn’t much else to the mentorship program outside of that. You get to talk to people who some knowledge about running an e-commerce business but that’s it.

I honestly can not recommend any type of e-commerce mentorship program to anyone. My main reason for that is that they don’t mention how much their program costs. You have to take a quick questionnaire in order to have the price range for it. I don’t really know why exactly they want to know how much you’re willing to invest in your business. I guess that’s a way for them to tailor their mentoring that’s fit to your needs. But it does take a bit of money to spend on those products you’re going to sell.

There are a lot of costs that are involved in running an e-commerce business. While you do get a free trial from Shopify, you will need to pay for a subscription to keep running your business through their program. They have almost every tool that you can think of. They have their own domain name service, a business name generator, even a logo generator. But still, getting a business off the ground will take a lot of sweat and tears to make it work.

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