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Keala Kanae, along with a certain Kameron George, once developed an online training course called AWOL Academy. It’s basically an online course that teaches its students how they can make money online using affiliate marketing. They claim that what makes it different from other affiliate marketing training courses is that the main focus of AWOL Academy is on their customers (this means you). They teach you exactly how to go from zero to building a 6-figure income online with affiliate marketing. Then suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, Keala would say just one statement. “AWOL is dead.”

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“Yes, it’s true. AWOL is no more. Here’s what we have planned for you,” says Keala as he continues on with his video. It turns out, that he has branched off from AWOL Academy in order for him to develop a new online course. And that is the Fullstaq Marketer. With Fullstaq Marketer, Keala claims he is taking his training program in a totally different direction. He doesn’t just want it to follow the usual template of a “make money online” program that sets people up with high expectations only to fail to live up to its promise. And this is part of the reason he left AWOL to go his own way because AWOL Academy as an online marketing education platform was not achieving what he felt was possible.

So what exactly is Fullstaq Marketer? Simply put, it is a training course that is designed for people who wish to become internet marketers. Keala Kanae has been offering it to people who want to learn to make money online. Its main focus is on affiliate marketing. This program teaches you the important elements of online marketing (again, with a focus on affiliate marketing) to equip you with a set of skills that are required to run a successful online business. Keala also claims that he started offering it because he realized that a majority of internet marketing courses you find online do not do a good job of teaching people the skills they need to succeed.

The main offering of Fullstaq Marketer is the Fullstaq Accelerator course. The Fullstaq Accelerator is the course that will help you get started in being an affiliate marketer. In this sense, this course is intended for beginners who have no knowledge of affiliate marketing at all. It consists of 4 lessons. Fullstaq 101 provides the core elements needed to create the foundation for your future career in freelance digital marketing, and it contains 4 video lessons. The next is Fullstaq Onboarding. With it, you’re able to quickly set yourself up with a massive community of fellow aspiring and veteran online entrepreneurs who share similar interests as yours.

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The third lesson, Fullstaq Edge, is basically mindset training. Here, you’ll learn about the proper positive mindset and attitude that you should learn if you want to truly succeed in your internet marketing career. Finally, there’s the Funnel Labs, which is basically self-explanatory. Basically, Leala here will teach you everything you need to get started on sales funnels, especially on how to build, launch, and fill your sales funnel with all your affiliate products. But there’s still one big question that you may ask at this point. How is this different from Keala’s previous online course, AWOL Academy?

Well, the answer’s simple. Nothing. There’s really no difference at all between the two courses. The course curriculum of AWOL Academy is very much the same as Fullstaq Marketer. Which means that if you’ve ever taken AWOL Academy in the past, then you shouldn’t even bother with Fullstaq Marketer at all. It is said by Keala, however, that Fullstaq Marketer has some improvements over AWOL Academy, but some sources indicate that you can’t find any difference at all. Curiously, despite Keala declaring AWOL Academy as “dead”, it’s still pretty much an active online course. It may be a bit hard to find, but it’s still out there, active as always.

AWOL Academy or Fullstaq Marketer aside, is Keala Kanae a scammer? In my own opinion, absolutely not. Keala Kanae himself has proven to be a successful entrepreneur, and being an affiliate marketer has helped him achieve this. But is it worth taking any of his online courses? In my own opinion, no. Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, may be a terrific business to get into. However, it’s not going to be as easy as Keala Kanae claims it is. You may be wasting a lot of money if you don’t study it properly. Since it’s heavily reliant on sales and on how you can convince people to buy the product through your affiliate offers. This leads to inconsistent earnings. Not to mention the industry saturation right now…

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