Publishing CEOs Review (Alex Kaplo)

Alex Kaplo

Alex Kaplo emphasizes how he’s just your average run-of-the-mill dude. He loves working out, enjoys reading books, prefers drinking Perrier water, yada yada. Nothing special as he says. The only difference is that he made a decision to pursue a better life, the freedom to work and travel wherever… unlike you, a 9-5er, who’s stuck in a boring cubicle, he assumes. As expected, he’s willing to pull back the curtains on how he did it in Publishing CEOs.

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As hinted by his program’s name, he’s talking about Amazon Digital Publishing or in more technical terms, Amazon KDP. It’s what made him able to go from working a “soul-sucking” 9-5 job that chained him to one location to making over $100k a year living a laptop lifestyle.

Laptop lifestyle as in being able to take his work wherever while only needing several hours of work a week. The broke Alex living at his parent’s house is gone, hello new him who drives expensive cars, takes extravagant vacations, and buys luxury condos by the seaside.

The story got pretty interesting when he shared how he tried and actually failed at countless other business opportunities… how he’s been ripped off by the so-called gurus more often than he’d like to admit, and even gone into debts for paying their training. He just refused to give up which is why he’s able to turn his life around.

Like, what is he implying? Unless he somehow lacks the self-awareness to know he’s a guru himself, it sounds like he’s telling those who have been sh*t on by bum gurus to just… continue being sh*t on. Encouraging ‘em to throw money like issa hail mary in hopes of some unlikely breakthrough to happen. That’s not reassuring at the very slightest.

If not that, it’s him implying that he’s not like the other gurus, and that it’s worth getting into a debt spiral to pay for his Publishing CEOs program. Sure, there are  courses that are really worth it, but rushing others to buy it right now despite harsh financial consequences is just irresponsible.

I should tell ya, the potential of having a good future someday is useless if you can’t make sure you’re still alive on that  very day. Feed, clothe, and get a roof over your head first, and trust me, it’ll also work wonders on your business mindset going forward.

So, the point is, Alex here is giving some bad financial advice. Not only is he assuming everyone has coddlers of a parent like him, he also doesn’t mind recommending a rather expensive business opportunity to someone who needs a breather from spending too much on guru courses OR someone who’s likely struggling to even put food at the table. Whatever it takes to sell his course, I guess.

Anyhow, here’s his business opportunity in detail. Again, it’s all about the how-tos of Amazon KDP (or self-publishing in general). Here, he’ll guide you how to find the right niche (sub-niche under trending, high-demand ones that’s not competing with big brands), how to outsource the entire book making process, how to advertise, and how to scale the whole thang.

Upon paying the price of Publishing CEOs at $1,497,  you’ll receive the following: Publishing CEOs video course, live bi-weekly group coaching calls, four one-on-one coaching calls, access to the exclusive members-only community, and Publishing CEOs Blackbox (templates). There are also fast action bonuses like Guaranteed Profits Workshop, and $500 cash back for listing a book on Amazon and getting at least 25 reviews for it .

Publishing CEOs Review

There’s a refund policy, but I bet it won’t save your ass from spending too many Gs. Why, it requires you to have a book published within the six-month warranty period, and that alone is pricey. That would easily cost you 5x, maybe even 10x or more of what you paid for Publishing CEOs.

Not to mention how I have a bad feeling that Alex would somehow twist the refund terms of subtracting bonuses. Besides the $500 cash back, he listed the remaining bonuses with ridiculous $$$ value, so just one of them getting subtracted would reduce the refund amount to freakin’ zero. 

The refund shenanigan is just a speculation, but I won’t suggest anyone take the risk to know whether he’ll pull it or not otherwise. Not when it involves a business model I don’t have much trust with. It’s too saturated, too competitive these days, and not really worth it if you’re not passionate about writing books yourself. Safe to say, I won’t be recommending Publishing CEOs.

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