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Mikey Kass Review

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Mikey Kass, at such a young age, has already made himself a millionaire of sorts. Additionally, he claims that his dream since he was a kid was to create a positive influence on the world and for his teachings to reach the masses. This is why he has created the eCom Good Life, an online course that claims to help you get rich in dropshipping. But despite his young age, is he already good enough as a mentor? This Mikey Kass review may help you decide.

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A popular story about Mikey Kass is that, instead of completing his high school and going to college, he decided to become an online entrepreneur. And at such a young age, he was already earning around $150k a month, thanks to his successful dropshipping business. Due to this, he started moving out of his parents’ house and into his own home in Hollywood Hills.

His success in dropshipping even earned him the suspicion of his parents, that they even hired several authorities to make sure that he was not doing anything illegal. Due to this, he was being chased by the police, stalked by private investigators, and even questioned by lawyers.

All of that, just to find out that he really isn’t doing any shady business or whatnot. He’s just that good, that his dropshipping business has him earning around six figures, all in what could be a short amount of time, at a very young age.

Anyways, he says that through his Ecom Good Life online course, you’ll be able to achieve the same level of success that he has experienced in dropshipping. You’ll learn from the course all the strategies that he has been using to generate around a thousand dollars or more, per day, through his sales on Shopify.

The Ecom Good Life online course also contains other lessons that you can expect from a dropshipping course. Such as how to manage and scale paid social media ads from Instagram and Facebook, doing your own product research, and even providing you with a template of their so-called “high-converting” Shopify website layout, so you don’t have to tear your hair out into creating your own.

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It might already sound like a good deal, but if you inspect carefully, you’ll immediately recognize that Mikey Kass himself may only be luring you into empty promises. First of all, his main pitch for his dropshipping course is that he’s going to give away a total of 8 pre-made Shopify eCommerce websites that he claims are fully optimized and high-converting. As he says, “These things are ready to go. It’s plug-and-play. We just need to transfer it to you. And once again, we only have eight of them, and we want to give them away to people who want to get started in this business model the right way,”

But all of these websites are actually of very poor quality. I’ve seen firsthand a couple of the websites that they offered, and all of them are very poorly designed, and all of them looked like they’re cheaply made. Hence, it’s already impossible to think that these poorly-made websites are the ones Mikey Kass uses for his own eCommerce website. I mean, Shopify charges $29 dollars per month for allowing you to build your store on that platform, and he’s offering these websites for just $17? That’s already suspicious enough.

It is after you got those poorly-made websites, that you’re then introduced to the actual Ecom Good Life training program, which actually costs a lot more than those cheap websites. The price can vary, but it can usually range from $497 to even $1,500. Which, as you can already guess, is already too expensive, given that the course quality is also poor.

Thus, the message here is as clear as water. The dropshipping business itself definitely isn’t a scam, but Mikey Kass could very well be one. I mean, we didn’t even really know if he’s legitimately rich or he’s just faking it. Because his Instagram account, and even his YouTube account, doesn’t really show much about him, other than he’s always out there flexing his new things like his car, then he goes on and he keeps on promoting his online training program. Besides, dropshipping is an incredibly saturated and difficult business model, and you’re going to have to do an awful lot of hard work to even be able to even recurring income from it. It’s even possible that Mikey Kass only became rich, not because he has a successful dropshipping business, but because he has fooled plenty of people into buying his courses, hoping that it can make them as successful as he is.

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