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“If you’re not confident in your decision, you’re gonna go home and instead of getting on your Peloton and having a great workout and feeling amazing, you’re gonna be worried the whole time.”, says Kate Byars as she addresses the problem of people second guessing themselves. But first of all, who is this lad? Is she another one of those people promising you’ll be having a better life doing things after you enrolled in one of her programs? Let’s all find out.

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To my surprise, I found out that Kate is a product of the program Clients on Demand by Russ Ruffino, which I made a review of during the past weeks. And now I’ve been reviewing women for the past couple of days, Lorell Lane and Jess Lenouvel to name a few, and now here we are, with Kathleen (Kate) Byars. All about women empowerment, ain’t it? So let’s introduce her.

Corporate life already had it with Kate, thinking that as you climb up the ladder, you’re gonna get more freedom and life but it just works the opposite. There are more responsibilities needed to be finished and eventually built up stress made Kate walk away from her career and lost 2 million dollars worth of income as a corporates slave. Yes, it gives you a nice home and a big bank account, but will these all still matter if you’re not feeling alive inside?

These material things can only give you short-term happiness and still aren’t enough to relieve all the stress and anxiety you’re feeling after long hours of work. This will leave you questioning your life, if you’re doing things right with the expense of having little to no time with your loved ones and just focusing on earning and earning and earning money. To this extent, it will not lead to a happy life and that way of thinking should be changed.

Kate’s program, Corporate Women Unleashed teaches people how to have a proper mindset in doing specific tasks in your work. It’s not always work, work, work, especially for high achievers that are constantly trying to do things forcefully in order to fulfill and finish a certain task. Excessive work will only lead you to burn out, feeling a little less passionate about doing things etc. You should have a proper lifestyle in order to think productively in certain situations.

You need to learn how to integrate your needs every single day into your workday. Taking a break, fulfilling yourself, having regular exercise, eating something healthy. Managing each and every part of this will help you gain your energy back and think more clearly, afterall, high-quality decision making is what will make you succeed in the corporate world. Quick solid decisions are what makes you conserve more time and energy, giving you an opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones.

Another concern that the program addresses is the fear-based thought process of having “what ifs”. What if someone’s upset? What if my solution fails? What are people gonna think? An individual must learn how to communicate in order to settle these conversations. It’s not your job to please each and everyone, but in case, it can get all over with a conversation. Yes, they’re upset, but it is your job to make a decision that best solves the problem, whether they’re happy with it or not.

They will teach you ways on how to disconnect your mind from the office with ease, despite whatever chaos is around you, to take control of your own career and not the other way around, to have more time picking up your hobbies, may it be painting, mountain climbing, island hopping and many more. And the most important part of this is it lets you feel your own success not just on the outside, but also on the inside. 

Kate has dozens of success stories as a corporate life coach posted by her students on her website and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. No cost has been posted, not that I know of, but you’ll know the price for joining her program when you give them a call once you decide to try her approaches. Nothing still beats quitting your corporate job if you’ve had enough with it and find the thing you mostly enjoyed doing and make a business out of it.

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