Katie Melissa Review (Elite Automation)

Elite Automation

Elite Automation is Instagram influencer Katie Melissa’s latest e-commerce program. As the name suggests, Elite Automation offers a DFY Amazon FBA automation service. Essentially, they’ll be providing a hands-off online biz for their clients. They even said this on their website: “Sit back, relax, and collect profits while we do the heavy lifting.” Is their heavy lifting enough to make this Elite Automation offer worth it? I’ll share my thoughts below.

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Getting a DFY Amazon store is one thing, collecting profits from the said store is another. And that’s the more important question, it’s whether you, the client, will be able to collect profits from the store. You better be since you’re assuming a massive financial risk here. But as the purple fella in Avengers says, reality is often disappointing.

But before I spill the ugly truth about these programs in general, let’s talk about Katie’s Elite Automation first. Who knows, it might be different than almost, if not all the DFY Amazon FBA automation programs. They might be, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this rather generic program other than revealing who’s behind it. Like, who’s Katie? Should you be worried about me describing her early as an Instagram influencer?

To answer that, no need to worry about the label as I’m not implying that she’s one of ‘em IG thots. No thirst traps for ‘em simps, only aesthetic young guru, er, entrepreneur vibes. The only reason I describe her as an influencer is because she listed it herself on her LinkedIn bio. She probably doesn’t mind its negative connotation as she’s been one for almost nine years.

Her time being an Amazon business owner and coach comes close at almost seven years. Says she got over 180k sales in her first eight months which is impressive for a beginner at that time, and as of this year, her monthly revenue is around $150k to $350k on the average. A figure that’ll comfortably place her on the top 1% Amazon sellers.

She’s apparently good and talented at this e-commerce thang. I mean, I don’t think she wouldn’t say otherwise. I wonder why she didn’t use the said talent that enabled her to launch a successful Amazon store in 2016 (during the “easier” years BTW) to save her online boutique from closing. Hmmm…

Look, she’s up for managing someone else’s store, lots of ‘em already and she’s much willing to manage more under Elite Automation, yet somehow doesn’t have the time to keep her own. Seriously, she really said that the store has been “paused” due to time constraints. Say what?

It doesn’t add up at all. Like, c’mon girl, you’re supposed to be dropping links to ya Amazon store, not the store itself! And you know what, I think it’s either a flop that her “overachiever” ass won’t admit, or not worth her time anymore since selling DFY services makes her more money.

That aside, I should say that, again, Elite Automation is just your typical automation program. They’ll set up your Amazon FBA store, and manage its entire operations. From product listing, inventory, sales, customer service… everything. You just need to have capital to pay the one-time upfront investment (buy-in), and more for the inventory cost.

Oh wait, how could I forget that you need to have a positive attitude as well. That’s what they say, and I couldn’t agree more. Gotta have that if you’re willing to hand ‘em a stupid amount of money (Elite Automation would cost you around $25k upfront) while also signing a NDA that’ll keep you shush if they messed up on using the said money.

Katie Melissa Review

Here’s the tea. These DFY automation programs are notorious for not being able to deliver on their promise, if not being a downright scam at all. Most of the time, they care about the upfront payment way more than their part of the profit split. Of course they would.

Why, an upfront fee like Elite Automation’s buy-in is easy money for these e-commerce gurus regardless of what they do next. Also, they probably don’t expect any good profits themselves. At least, not anywhere close to what they flex. That’s why I don’t think any DFY Amazon FBA automation programs are worth it, including Katie’s Elite Automation.

Think about it. If they’re as good as advertised, they won’t be selling their DFY service just to halve their profit. Capital shouldn’t be a problem for ‘em, just reinvest the profit from the “successful” store they currently own to start a new one without using other people’s money. Time constraints be damned too as they can just automate the thang. But they don’t because they really can’t.

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