Business Launch Challenge Review (Keala Kanae)

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Keala Kanae’s early life is far-flung from what he’s living right now. He started a business venture in the form of what he calls “hotel parties.” Unfortunately, he lost all his money there. To make ends meet, he worked as a barista in a coffee shop, for minimum wage, and slept in his mother’s spare bedroom. He couldn’t even give his girlfriend back then a birthday present, opting instead to give his mother’s used purse. Today, he has under $900,000 in his checking account, half a million dollars in his investment account, and his current net worth is between $3-5 million. How’d he do it? He stumbled across something online.

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First, let’s talk about how you build your own business. First, you need an audience. You need to identify first what they want. What is the problem they want to solve, or a desire that they want to fulfill? Basically, you need to identify your market. Once you found that out, you need an offer. A product that can solve their needs or desires so people will want to buy that offer from you. It sounds easy at first, but believe it or not, this is where most business owners got wrong most of the time. They think they have to go create something of their own. And that creates a problem.

Keana notes about it, “But really that’s the absolute worst way for a total beginner to get started, because there’s a lot of risk. Right? If we go out and invent products or source products, there is a cash outlay with no guarantee that somebody is actually gonna buy any of that stuff. In fact, most people who invent something end up going broke. What if you could find products that were already selling in the marketplace, that already have high demand?”

So what do you do instead of this? Keala suggests that you just an offer that has proven itself to convert (i.e. has already made lots of sales), promote them, and earn a commission. This basically eliminates the worries and stress of having to create your own product or offer from scratch. Keala then states an example. You could go to ClickBank, a digital marketplace, and promote a weight loss eBook as an affiliate. Grab your tracking link then go over to Google and set up an ad that will show only to people who are searching for “how to lose weight fast,” for example. And just like that, you already have an online business. Simple as that.

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You can leave all the other hard work to the product creators, vendors, and ad networks. What you need to do instead is take note of what your audience needs or wants, find a suitable offer to solve it, and simply match them. Then, Keala explains that all you have to do is place the ads, get people to go over to the sales page, and buy stuff. And they were gonna go buy that stuff anyway. It’s hard to believe that it’s going to be that easy. Keala knows what you feel, but he says to not worry since the business model is completely legitimate.

To prove it, he showed a couple of companies that actually have an affiliate program. And most of them are actually big names. Best Buy has an affiliate program. Amazon has it as well. Many known brand names are actually relying on affiliates for sales as well. Zappos, Nike, Nordstrom, you name it. The brand whose products you buy every single day? Many of them are tapping into the affiliate marketing industry. The freelance marketing economy, as Keala calls it. Where other people help sell their products to audiences that actually need them. And companies are more than happy to pay a commission for those extra sales.

Interested in this business model? Keala has a Business Launch Challenge you can attend to. He’ll tell you here exactly how his affiliate marketing business model works. The cost of attending the event is just $39. As cheap as it sounds, be prepared for several upsells of Keala’s products under his company, Fullstaq Marketer. The price of the upsells can range from $1,000+ to even $6,000. Nevertheless, affiliate marketing may not be for everyone. Since it’s heavily reliant on sales and on how you can convince people to buy the product through your affiliate offers. This leads to inconsistent earnings. Not to mention the industry saturation…

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