Keenan Williams Net Worth

You would be amazed by all of the successful people that you see on social media. Everybody wants to succeed in life. There’s no question about that. But the path to success is often the thing that people seem to struggle at. What exactly do you need to do in order to succeed? Is there something that you’re missing? There are so many questions that you don’t know the answer. So you go through social to see how people who live great lives now got to that point.

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I hadn’t really known Keenan Williams prior to me writing about him. I often don’t dive deep into the side of YouTube where people interview other people about their success in life. It’s not really the kind of thing I look when I’m on YouTube. So those kinds of videos were never really showing up on my radar. But sometimes I turn on autoplay while I’m doing something else. I can’t seem to get anything done with having some background noise.

Sometimes I check back on the tab and see that the video that is coming up had a title that went like “How Mom’s Stroke Took Me From $1 Menu To $1,000,000 Per Month”. At first I thought, who the heck spends a million dollars a month on food? And what does their mom’s stroke have to do with them spending that kind of amount? At this point, I was already a bit tired so my understanding of it was way off base.

So I decide to pay a bit more attention on the video. A hour and 42 minutes? Oh, man. That’s kind of a lot. I will probably skip a bit to get to the good parts. Early in the interview, Keenan talks about his beginnings. He mentioned that he was adopted. His birth mother, at the time, was addicted to drugs while he was pregnant with him. During one of those trips to the hospital, she managed to befriend one of the nurses there. Seeing her situation, the nurse coaxed Keenan’s birth mother not to abort the baby. That nurse turned out be Keenan’s adoptive mother.

Eventually, he and his family moved to Alabama. He lived a fairly normal life. His parents worked hard to make sure he and his other siblings were living as decent as life that they could provide. He only found out that he was adopted when he was 17 years old. But prior to that, it seems that he had to drop out of school in order to financially support his newborn daughter. He worked a lot different retails jobs for the next decade or so. He eventually went on to work at affiliate marketing company that sells women’s skin care products.

He mentions that he struggled at first because he didn’t know much about the market that’s he selling the products to. But he eventually got the hang of it. He spent over a year working for that company, learning what he can while he was there. Eventually, a payment dispute lead to him leaving to start his own business. In 2018, he launched his own skincare company.

Within six months of operating, his company earn over a million in revenue. Looking at the packaging of the products, it looks fine. It’s cream that you apply on your body. If it works, it works. But you don’t really see that this is a product that earns Keenan Williams a million dollars a month. Because there are a lot of skincare products that you can buy at your local pharmacy. And they’re probably priced around the same or even cheaper than what Keenan is selling. Still those products has earned Keenan an estimated net worth of $4,000,000.

Aside from that skincare company, Keenan also has an online learning platform called Skip To Seven Figures. And judging by the thumbnails, it doesn’t seem to be that well-produced. I mean, if you have a business that earns you millions of dollars a month, surely you can pay people to make videos for you. But I guess Keenan is just hands on in all aspects of his business ventures. Good on him for doing the work by himself.

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