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There have been a few instances when searching for a certain personality has lead me to search results for other people that share the same name as the one I was searching for. It’s happened a few times that it’s become notable. It shouldn’t be surprising at the least that there are people who have similar names as other people. There’s really only so many first name and last name combos that could exist, especially if you’re in America. You will eventually reach your limits of Michaels, Johns and other names.

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It’s crazy how many times this has happened to me. The first few times were kind of funny in a way. I wasn’t really expecting to have multiple results for the same name that were notable in their respective field in some way. As it has happened more and more, you kind of become confused by it. How are there so many notable people named Amy Lawrence? Why are they both writing about sports? What are the chances that two people named Lonnie Smith would become jazz musicians? I still find it funny that there are still instances like that.

But sometimes I will try to talk a bit about the other people that I get in my search results. Maybe there’s a reason why they are notable enough to show up in the first few results. So when I was searching for former baseball player Keith Shepherd, I came across two other slightly notable people named Keith Shepherd. The first one I’d like to mention is alpine skier Keith Shepherd from Canada. There isn’t really any other details about him except that he played in 1968 Winter Olympics.

The other Keith Shepherd I got was the one who co-founded Imangi Studios. The game studio is responsible for the mobile game Temple Run. There isn’t really much else that I could find with regards to his life prior to starting a game studio with his wife Natalia Luckyanova. There really is no reason for that Keith to talk about his life. Nobody really has the right to it unless the person is willing to disclose what he wants. Pretty much his major point in life was creating a game that was extremely popular during the early 2010s. It’s insane how the company has managed to ride out the popularity of their game for a decade.

But back to baseball player Keith Shepherd. Similar to game developer Keith Shepherd, there isn’t really anything I could find with regards to his life growing up. Though, if all the other baseball players are any indication, he spent his childhood and teenage years playing baseball. After graduation high school, he may or may not have had a scholarship to play baseball for some collegiate team. With a lot of athletes, their path to becoming professional players is often very similar.

Similar to other players, he was initially drafted by a team who put into a training farm the franchise runs for players they see potential in but are not ready for a professional debut. In Keith’s case, he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986. He spent about six years in the minor leagues before he made his debut in Major League Baseball as part of the Philadelphia Phillies. It definitely seems that he jumped around a few teams during his career in Major League Baseball. After debut with the Phillies in 1992, he then went to the Colorado Rockies the following year. Somehow he wasn’t in any team in ’94 season. He then joined the Red Sox in 1995 before playing his last season in the MLB with the Baltimore Orioles in 1996.

After he played in Major League Baseball, he then went on to pitch for a single game in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. It doesn’t seem that he has done any coaching after that. In 2016, Keith was involved in a shooting in his home in Wabash, Indiana. Thankfully he managed to recover from it. That’s basically the most recent thing that has happened in his life. At that point, he had a net worth of $1,600,000. I think there was that one time where he did the first pitch for a Pittsburgh Pirates game in 2017.

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