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Kennected Reviews (LinkedIn Lead Generation)

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Kennected is marketed as a program capable of generating leads from LinkedIn. Whether you’re a realtor, a financial adviser, a mortgage broker, or an insurance agent, Kennected got you covered with training and software that can increase your revenue. Well, their software offer doesn’t really change depending on your work or biz. Instead, it’s just like a one-size-fits-all solution to your lead generation needs, or so they say. Are they really capable of keeping you, ehem, connected to your target prospects? Find out below.

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Before getting started with the juicy deets, let me straight up give them a dap for having accessibility settings in their website. It’s a nice touch to have options to turn on profile for seizure safety, vision impaired, cognitive disability, ADHD, and blind users. It’ll be rare for such people to stop by there, I think, so it’s commendable to consider a very small minority.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily agree with their branding as a lead generation program. It’s a bit misleading and instead, it’ll be more honest to say that they’re a provider of tools for automation, outreach, and messaging in LinkedIn. They do have a consulting offer, but it’s more on the how-to’s of their software and not necessarily about getting leads.

Let me highlight the seven most important features of Kennected. First, you can easily choose your target audience with Kennected. The data would be from LinkedIn which they call as the world’s best database for leads. Once you find them, simply hit copy and paste to get “kennected,” and you’re done. Obviously, the software is capable of adding personal touch on autopilot so you don’t send boring and generic texts that are usually left on read.

Second, you can create campaigns with follow-ups. If they show interest, Kennected will be able to send them more texts to hook them further. All automated while not giving, or at least trying not to give, the impression of a bot reply. “The design is very human,” as they say.

Third and somehow related to the first two features is you being able to personalize your messaging in many ways. As a way to stand out and not get drowned among, possibly, the many messages in your lead’s inbox, you can use Kennected’s tags. It’ll automatically fill your message with your lead’s deets such as their name, industry, company, and more.

Fourth, you can access all the messages you’ve sent via Kennected’s smart inbox and in-app chat. It’s more convenient than using LinkedIn’s inbox plus it has the more powerful tools such as sorting convos based on engagement.

Fifth, you can gain key insights with your campaigns. No need to guess on what’s your most effective campaign as Kennected has a dashboard that presents figures that’ll point it out. You can also track the health of your LinkedIn account here (side note: I don’t like the implications here, more on this later).

Sixth, you can gather valuable data. Kennected claims that you can legally collect the public data of your leads using their software so you can approach them (bother, rather) outside LinkedIn.

Lastly, you can easily connect with your favorite CRM. Simply put, you can easily transfer the data you collected from Kennected’s software to something that can analyze it further.

Kennected Reviews

My thoughts here? It just solidifies my claim of them having a misleading branding. The highlighted features, which they chose themselves, is something I’ll flaunt for a chatbot service but not on a lead generation. If it is, it’s just an inferior (but automated) version of cold-calling at best. Implications of their techniques being bannable in LinkedIn in the fifth feature is not reassuring too.

It’s also reported that their customer support is beyond abysmal. Simply put, they’re only attentive when they’re still selling you their service. Once you pay, they’ll usually be unresponsive and act like you and your concerns don’t exist.

Additionally, their pricing is also steeper compared to other programs that offer the same service. The software  costs around $89 a month or $859 a year. Worse, they’ll try so damn hard to sell you their “fast track consulting” offer worth $1,497+ as a necessary onboarding process (it’s not).

To make matters worse regarding their pricing, the refund policy is only good for 72 hours. Sending in your refund request beyond that means you can’t get your bread back. That sh*t, plus the class action waiver and lowkey threat in their terms and conditions to not file a lawsuit about problems on their refunds, makes this a clear no-bueno for me.

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