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Kent Emmons Net Worth

There are just a lot of people that you didn’t realize were successful. Most of the time, the successful people that you’d often hear about are on magazines or talking hundreds of people who paid money to hear the talk. Some people’s influence can really be seen because everybody’s talking it. Other times, they’re just happy to be where they are. They don’t have to compete with other people when the influence that they already have is enough.

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This may not come as surprise but I haven’t really heard of Kent Emmons until I started researching about him. What a shocker. For somebody who calls himself a “groundbreaking media badass,” he doesn’t seem to have broken enough ground to have really made a dent in the industry. The media landscape in the United States makes it seem like it’s really hard to create a company that has a stake in the game.

But before we talk about his recent accomplishments, let’s go back a bit to his childhood. It seems even at a young age Kent had an entrepreneur’s mindset. Like a lot of kids, he started a lemonade stand. It feels so quintessentially American to have a lemonade stand. Then he shifted to handiwork, mainly mowing the lawn. A lot of people are willing to pay other people to mow their lawns. You know how hard it is to maintain patches of land by your own? Even with the equipment need to maintain it?

Somehow Kent managed to have a loyal customer base. That just means that his work was very reliable. You don’t often get consistency in chores from a teenager. The thing that kind of put him to the path that he’s in now when he started promoting poolside dance’s at the local swimming hall. Apparently he was smart enough to advertise the party on the local radio station.

He was an achiever for most of his childhood. He was one of the youth leaders at church, served as class president for a few years then went on to become student council president. Aside from that, he was also president of Illinois Association of Student Councils. (Side note: That’s a thing that exists?) He was also part of the student advisory committee for the local state board of education. He sort of had a short stint as a legislative aid in the Illinois state capitol.

He later co-founded Atlantis Entertainment, an artist management and music publishing company, with Bill Lowery. It was through that company that he started network with other people in the industry. That lead to acquire multiple radio stations across the country. That lead him to develop radio networks that specialized in very niche formats including an all comedy radio station.

Unsurprisingly, Kent started earning money through putting in ad spots in his radio networks. Ad revenue is such a big part of how radio stations earn money. I feel it’s the main revenue stream for it. It’s amazing how much he has done. I can’t wrap around that he somehow had the energy to do everything he did from childhood until now. You often get to see people with that kind of drive. It’s no wonder that he has a net worth of $50,000,000.

Still, there was a lot of spaces that he hasn’t staked a claim on and that includes the news. The news and journalism industry hasn’t been in such a great shape in the past few years. So much has happened that it’s really hard for a lot of outlets and networks to compete for eyeballs or clicks. Around 2018, Kent along with a bunch of his friends decided to create an online news network that was focused on news that had no bullshit really care for either left or right. Crave News had a soft launch in 2020, which seems insane. Their efforts didn’t seem to last long. They haven’t posted anything on their YouTube since August 2020.

It’s very hard to launch your own news network even if it’s mainly online. Most of the major news networks and a bunch of alternative ones are already online. And judging by the type of stuff they talk about, they definitely had a slant even though they said they focused on not having any bullshit.

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