Kepler Tint Course Review (Elliot Baker)

Kepler Tint Course

Elliot Baker founded Global Tint, the company that started it all, fourteen years ago. Since then, they’ve become the leaders worldwide in the window tint installation industry. I can neither deny nor confirm this claim ‘cause no one’s really ranking companies here AFAIK. Regardless, they decided to put together what’s known today as the Kepler Tint Course that’ll teach how to start a window film company just like theirs. Scroll below for the review.

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No experience? No problem! With the Kepler Tint Course, even a newbie can go into any area where nobody knows them and crush it instantly. That’s because Elliot and the team behind the course know what works. Easy $1.5k a day [$1.2k profit] with only three to four weeks of experience, how tinteresting!

To sell the opportunity further, Elliot suggests that y’all consider the amount of glass and windows on every single building which is quite many. Many windows means a lot of money in this industry, he concludes. As if everyone would like to have their many windows tinted, and by a newbie no less, but whatever.

Is the biz saturated? Elliot says no. Despite a lotta businesses already making eight figures a year, dude says that there’s still too many windows yet to be tinted. The demand is always there. He suggests checking out the forums to see how tinters are overwhelmed with too much work. We’ll call that suffering from success, I guess.

So, these are Elliot’s reasons on why there’s so much money up for grabs in the window tint installation industry. He’s like, what are you waiting for? Sign up for my Kepler Tint Course today! And guess what, I’ll suggest y’all calm your t*ts [hakuna your tatas for dudes] and read this review from top to bottom first before y’all make your decision.

Now, here’s what you’ll get when you purchase the complete bundle of Kepler Tint Course. First is the Beginner’s Tint training. Packed with over one hundred sixty lessons, this bad boy will show you everything you need to know about window film in general. From different types of window film up to beginner methods on how to do film installation, this training got it.

Next is the Advanced Tint training which shows advanced methods [duh!] that’ll cut your installation time in half. If done right, this means twice the money as an advanced window film installer. Then, there’s the External Window Film course which, as the name implies, will show the methods on how to install window film externally.

Anotha one is the Double Safety and Security Film bundle course. Here, you’ll have an idea of your ideal target market with their preferred installation methods. Also, you’ll get to know what an attachment system is and its importance on the safety and security of the window. The gist is, what gets tinted, stays tinted.

Lastly, you’ll get the Business Blueprint. With over fifty videos and thirty downloadable content, the training will show how Elliot’s own company closed jobs that paid them over six figures. You’ll also get a website template that you can customize to your heart’s content. Mix and match, do whatever.

The price of the Kepler Tint Course? Well, getting the Kepler Tint Course and all its inclusion will cost you $849. I’ve seen cheaper courses than this as well as pricier ones, so I can’t really complain. In other words, the course is priced fair and square. Neat!

Although, keep in mind  there’s no live one-on-one demo included in Kepler Tint Course, just pre-recorded videos. Which means, this is not for those who need extra hand-holding. Dontcha worry, needing one is understandable since this typa work requires meticulousness. Some even say that tinting is an art itself.

Kepler Tint Course Review

And yes, you also gotta consider if you have what it takes to be a tinting “artist”. Like, it’s not necessarily a requirement, but being already adept at craftsmanship is desired for better chances of thriving here.  Why, it’s because f*cking up the installation can be costly [starting the biz itself can cost around $20k-$50k] and time-consuming.

Contrary to what Elliot says earlier, the window film installation industry can be quite competitive too. Besides the craftsmanship skills I, one also needs some marketing chops to sell their thang. Putting up signs, door-to-door selling, setting up paid ads, that kind of stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the website template included would help you that much seeing how messy the course’s website is. That being said, this is a legit business model, but it’s also not for everyone. I rather keep what I’m doing online and get leads for film installers in my area instead. How about you?

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