Keystone Investor Review (Iman Shafiei)

Iman Shafiei

Keystone Investor has marketed nothing but warnings since its inception. This time, the program’s founder, Iman Shafiei, is warning about hearing the death knell of the US economy. And it’s because of the hyperinflation in the near future while the powerful peeps – the billionaires, the government, and the bank – are secretly cashing in with some “laughed at” assets. The said assets? It’s none other than cryptocurrency. Learn more about Iman and his program in my review below.

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The funny (and sad) thing about this program is them marking March 16 last year as the date for this death knell sh*t to unfold. Guess what? It didn’t happen, as expected if I may say so. I’ve checked it myself and the fiat currencies are doing good that time, no economic collapse of enormous proportion whatsoever, with stocks like S & P 500 and Dow Jones hitting a record high average. Being a doomer for nothing, huh?

So, yeah, the said marketing stuff posted in Keystone Investor’s site is just Iman pulling some random dates out of his ass and hoping he has a nostradamus moment. Similarly, he also loves spouting some very fake sh*t like having “3000+ ratings and 4.85 stars” that it caught the attention of BBB (BBB reached out to question the said claim and unsurprisingly, Iman can’t provide any proof to back it up, oof).

Not to mention that I’m not appreciative at all with him, an outsider, telling Americans some conspiracy level sh*t regarding the government while hyping crypto as an end-all-be-all solution to overcome the “unfair” system. The US government being greedy mothaf*ckas that’s cheating you out of your wealth might be true (or not, it’s up for debate), but to suggest an equally exploitative crypto space ain’t it.

In fact, crypto is probably worse. The amount of scams here where your money just goes from something to nothing is just too many. And if you somehow make money in it, it’s at the expense of others (Ponzi scheme, it is). Take NFTs for example where you play hot potato with the crappy ape jpegs, so you don’t end up the biggest fool and selling at a loss. Most importantly, even the cryptocurrencies that are deemed stable can lose their value and drop to zero in a matter of days, be it from a scummy dev scammin’ or just the consequence of a bear market. *cough* Terra Luna *cough*

Enough with the generic crypto talks and let’s get right into the specific deets of Keystone Investor. Sure, crypto being a scam-infested space is enough to make me personally sway away from it and the program. But I see no problem in making sure that you’re staying TF away from this too by spilling some more BS unique to the program. 

And so, here’s what you’ll get for a year by paying the (usual) price of Keystone Investor at $997: Keystone 101 course containing their proprietary three-step process (core training), Silver Platter reports (cryptocurrency picks and predictions), access to a private Facebook community, and monthly “crypto insights and advice” meeting.

Keystone Investor Review

See how I mentioned that $997 is only the usual price? Well, turns out, they could charge for more depending on how the conversation in your “breakthrough” call goes. Either they’ll hit you with the $5,800 or more price right off the bat (testing the waters if you’ll bite) or after paying the usual $997 (as the additional fee for the “round table” upsell). This changing of price at a whim isn’t ideal, up there with them unjustifiably charging crazy expensive fees. About that….

To me, the $997 price tag is already overpriced AF given the sh*tty quality of Keystone Investor’s content. For example, their Silver Platter picks, supposedly about the underrated coins and hidden gems in crypto space, is just some surface-level info on Bitcoin and Ethereum. I’m pretty sure that you don’t need to pay a single quarter to know about the said staples of crypto. Not to mention how the mighty Ethereum has fallen recently (price is down to 2018 levels), so it’s bad investment advice as well.

Again, I don’t recommend Iman’s Keystone Investor program. I probably won’t be able to stop some of ya to join crypto space. Given it’s a bear market right now, buying the dip in hopes of the price recovering for the better is very enticing. But I’m 100% sure that signing up for Keystone Investor is one of the worst ways to learn about it. Don’t be fooled by their 60-day money back guarantee as they’re also notorious for stalling until the guarantee isn’t applicable anymore.

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