Evergreen Agent Review (Jonathan Khalil)

Jonathan Khalil

Jonathan Khalil has been featured on a blog article with a rather interesting title. It suggests that this young fella plans to house 100k homeless people by helping realtors. The housing part is the dream, a wild one, I should note. The helping realtors part, on the other hand, is already his reality. Helping others to become masters of client acquisition, that’s what he does (or so he says) on his Evergreen Agent program. Review about it is down below.

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First things first, what’s this so-called help they’re talking about? About that, they’ve mentioned that it’s about anything you might need help with as a real estate agent. They go “we’ll work with you based on exactly where you are and tailor our services to meet specifically what you need.”

Customized help for agents as their service is what I initially get from here. However, upon further research and reading from their website, the said help seems to be only for client acquisition needs and that alone. Need help with other real estate related stuff like financing deals? Not Evergreen Agent’s problem to solve, sadly. With that said, the more apt term for their service would be customized help for agent’s client acquisition needs.

Infairness, they did list out the things they’ll help you with. To enumerate, they’ll help you with the following: Developing superior positioning for you to stand out among the competition, recovering “lost” deals, and optimizing your messaging and emails. So, yeah, all of them are closely related to client acquisition.

Moving on, who are these clients Jonathan is talking about acquiring, then? In his own words, these are “ready, willing, and able buyers and sellers in any market.” So, completely opposite to what the type of help turns out to be. From specific to being anything under the sun here. As long as they’re interested in doing business under real estate space, of course.

Now what? Jonathan promise that you’ll be able to consistently attract these clients like clockwork and close around twenty four to over forty eight deals a year. That is, through Evergreen Agent’s help and The Kingdom model. The said model is not like any other, says Jonathan. No door knocking, cold-calling, begging for referrals, paying for leads, or running ads required.

It’s dialed up lead gen that heavily relies on organic traffic. Emphasis on organic traffic since it’s one of Evergreen Agent’s model key pillars aside super positioning, pipeline management, and making your own client-getting Facebook group. No, Evergreen Agent won’t be another Facebook ads course. Rest assured, Facebook ads ain’t needed here (although making a group on the same platform is).

Despite the philanthropic theme suggested by Jonathan’s dream of housing homeless peeps earlier, he and his team from Evergreen Agent won’t work for free. I’ll say it’s what I expect, but him explicitly pointing it out somehow inspired me to repeat the obvious fact once again. This also leads me to finally reveal Evergreen Agent’s price. There’s no figure listed on Evergreen Agent’s site because they want you to book a call ‘em, but I assume it costs around $3k.

Evergreen Agent Review

My thoughts about Evergreen Agent or, should I say, reasons why I’m not gonna recommend this one? First, I don’t like the vagueness of their copy and pitch. Essentially, they’re heavy on stating what they can do, and not on how they’ll do it. I understand not wanting to reveal too much, but provide some insightful overview at least. Only saying that it’d heavily rely on organic traffic won’t cut it.

Second reason would be their lack of social proof. Besides the (paid) blog article I mentioned earlier plus a handful of YouTube videos, there’s not much talk on Evergreen Agent. As far as I know, they’ve been in the real estate industry for years now, so the lack of chatter about them is weird or, as millenials call it, kinda sus.

Third and final reason, I just don’t like their lack of attention to details. I’m talking about their sales pitch having a messed up audio and them not doing anything about it. I don’t see any reason for  them to put the sounds all on the right side/channel while it’s radio silence on the other. It’s not a pleasant experience at all. Also, how did they NOT notice this? Seriously. To conclude, this is likely not a scam, I really can’t say for sure, but it’s still a no for me.

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