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Rod Khleif Review

Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif encourages everyone (his Facebook followers rather) to stop wasting time and make a decision to be awesome. Of course, this could easily be a subtle invitation to join his Bootcamp. That’s what real estate mentors usually do anyway. I say I don’t mind since his boomer ass seems like he’ll post ‘em motivational quotes even without selling his sh*t. He’s the wholesome (yet crusty) version of a typical sh*tposter. Know more about old man Rod below.

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No, I’m not bashing Rod for his love of social media. I swear, I ain’t giving him a backhanded compliment, not in my intention. I just want to highlight this social media love of his for two reasons. One, I’m in awe with how this man flexes his SO. Like, damn, relationship goals right there. Don’t think it’s just a facade for internet points. 

She’s hella fine and he understandably fell head over heels for her. Better yet, he’s not shy about showing it. No cringe “hurr durr wife bad” boomer humor from him as he’s more like a “happy wife, happy life” typa guy. He got ninety nine problems, but being a sh*tty and deadbeat husband ain’t one. Ninety nine wut?

Besides wanting to drop a Jay-Z reference clearly, saying ninety seven doesn’t have the same ring to it. You might ask, what the heck does this ninety nine, er, ninety seven figure even mean? Well, it’s the price to his Multifamily Virtual Bootcamp. Not that it’s inherently bad, but it could lead to bad. Bad business decisions, bad purchase decisions (ahem, upsells), etc.

Which brings me to my second reason (of highlighting Rod’s love for social media) which is Rod actively  promoting his training in his accounts. Seems like I’m repeating myself from earlier like a broken record, but nah. T’is just my way to emphasize that he’s deliberately using his social media to advertise. Not just a one time thang.

Is it bad? Not really since dude is not hiding it or anything. And from what I saw, there’s not much nauseating guru-fied content… Unlike his website, I should say. So, yup, from highlighting his love of social media to this… Well, this has to be said one way or another. Afterall, it’s a review about him.

Now, what about it? It’s his backstory… the typical backstory of ‘em gurus that I’ve seen already for bajillion times. How he started from nothing (being a kid of an immigrant yada yada), then became judged by people as good for nothing. This led him to do whatever it takes to prove ‘em doubters that he’s something.

To continue, he’s apparently able to make a fortune for himself, a massive one since he’s talking about having an eight million dollar home with some man-made waterfalls in it. Seems set for life, but he still feels empty and without a purpose in life. Then, he discovers how helping other people fills that void. Unsurprisingly, the said help includes him teaching other people as a real estate guru. Damn right.

Rod Khleif Review

But wait, we’re not over yet. He tries to tug our heartstrings out by admitting how he lost everything in the 2008 market crash (blamed single family properties too in pulling his entire portfolio down… likely an attempt to suck off his multifamily investments). No more man-made waterfalls, no more Mercedes Benz, no nothing for the old man. Yet he just takes it all as a key lesson learned, and moves on to expand his purpose-driven enterprise which is teaching other people his thang.

Not discounting the chance that this is somehow legit, but I’m not holding my breath. Not when he followed the classic guru script to a t. He should’ve just explained how he got ‘em many titles like GoT’s Daenerys Targaryen. Like seriously, he mentions how he’s an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, multiple business owner, author, mentor, and community philanthropist.

I don’t think he’s the worst guru out there, but I’m still not recommending him and his programs. Especially not for his multifamily property investments business model which is too goddamn risky to try nowadays. For starters, it already requires an absurd capital requirement. Trying to make it work in this economy that seems like a recession (like the 2008 market crash he mentioned) all over again is just a big L waiting to happen. Not a fan of anything real estate, and probably never will be. So, sorry Rod, I ain’t pointing my readers towards buying your Virtual Bootcamp.

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