Contrarian Academy Review (Manny Khoshbin)

Manny Khoshbin

Manny Khoshbin had a lot of peeps curious about his net worth in a forum. A handful said that this guy behind Contrarian Academy has an expensive crib and lotta fancy cars, so he must be filthy rich. Like, 300-million-net-worth rich. In contrast, some have refused ‘em fancy stuff as proof that the dude is worth a few hundred millions. The discussion goes on and on. More info about Manny and his program is down below.

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You know what got me curious myself with all the chatters in the forum I mentioned earlier? It’s the talk on Manny actually being rich, but not as much as he claims. And no, he really didn’t earn it through real estate investments, they say. This is a pretty bold accusation because dude suggests building generational wealth like the one he apparently has through investing in real estate properties.

Although, as a reviewer, I should say that these so-called gurus making fortunes out of selling courses rather than doing what they suggest in those courses are nothing unusual. And I’ll say it, Manny is modeling his marketing approach from these gurus. There’s a reason lotta peeps are mentioning his expensive sh*t, he’s actually flexing ‘em hard.

But hey, I can’t say dude’s just a course peddler based on that alone. Not when I see good reviews about his book with a similar name (Contrarian Playbook). That’s why I’ll check out his Contrarian Academy first. The premise of the program, besides being about real estate investment, is doing things in a different way. Not going with the flow, but against it… just like a contrarian. Hence, it’s named as Contrarian Academy.

According to Manny himself, going for commercial real estate is already considered “contrarian” and going zig when lots go zag. It’s for the better, though. To him, dealing with the usual such as residential properties (i.e. multi-family housing) is a no-no. Why, they have become excessively saturated and speculative. Same with the highly volatile stocks.

So, instead of dealing with the usual, he chose to invest in commercial real estate like office and retail properties. The properties becoming largely distressed in response to the pandemic and changing economy has created countless, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to snag one with huge value-adding potential. Not only that, you’ll also be paying an amount with equally huge discounts in exchange.

That being said, I’m not into making money out of someone’s misery. A booming digital industry made possible by heightened interactions online due to travel restrictions is one thing. Taking advantage of peeps selling low just to stay afloat and recoup their losses due to the same restrictions is another. The latter, as suggested by Manny, is what I’m talking about with my dislike. It’s not illegal, sure, but it’s also not-so-ethical IMHO. I guess, you do you (and I do me too).

Anyway, Contrarian Academy is also Manny’s most premium offer (aka the most exclusive AND expensive). Sign up for this and you’ll be in his exclusive inner circle for six months. Means he’ll be very hands-on towards helping you acquire a commercial property yourself. From finding properties up to selling them for a profit, he’ll be there with ya. What’s the price of Contrarian Academy, then? Well, Contrarian Academy costs around $10k.

Contrarian Academy Review

Told ya, it’s really, really expensive. Although, to be fair, it comes with weekly live coaching calls, case studies, in-person mastermind events, co-investment opportunities, and access to a private community group and an accountability coach. That’s a fair amount of inclusions, I should say.

But yeah, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m not keen on suggesting any biz that I consider a bit unethical. To add, I ain’t fine supporting this dude’s drunk driving ass that killed one in the year ‘95. In that regard, he’s a trash bin rather than a Khoshbin. Thus, I won’t be recommending his Contrarian Academy. The question that remains is whether he is just a course peddler or not.

To be honest, I don’t have much info to comment on that. What can I say is I don’t like his gurufied approach at all and it’s another reason of mine for not recommending his program. For the majority of his YouTube videos, he’s showing us his wealth, what he did with it, and NOT how he gets it. And guess what, I need proof that you, a mentor, is walking the talk. Owning a fancy Hermès Huayra car won’t cut it as proof of him building wealth through savvy real estate investing, just saying.

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