Kiana Danial Review (*Net Worth Revealed)

There is no shortage of financial advice that you can find on YouTube. With so many differential financial gurus telling what you need to do in order to succeed, it can sometimes be hard to filter out all of the noise. If you’ve search for any kind of financial advice online, you will find that most of the people offering it tend to be male. While their advice is applicable to everybody regardless of their gender identity, it’s hard to sometimes hard to relate to them. The financial industry is still pretty much male dominated, but people like Kiana Danial are offering their expertise for people like her. It’s no wonder her net worth has reached this amount.

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Kiana Danial was born to two Jewish parents in Iran. She grew up during the time of political turmoil between the country she called how and a neighboring country. Her family managed to live okay despite the circumstances affecting everyone’s lives at the time. By the time she turned 18, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to take two mastectomies. Eventually, Kiana took up a scholarship to study electrical engineering in Japan.

She felt very isolated because she was the only foreigner in her classes in college. It seems like she managed to do well for herself there. Even if it’s hard to study subjects in Japanese. Eventually, she was featured in a bunch of TV shows in Japan, mainly those that involved other foreigners living in Japan who also spoke Japanese. Then the recession happened. Even though it had a lot more impact in the United States, the effects were still felt across the world.

In 2010, she moved to New York where she found a job working for a trading company in Wall Street. It was through that line of work that she saw everything that was happening when it comes to the stock market. At this point, the United States has bounced back a bit due to the stimulus brought up by the new administration. She had gotten into a relationship that lasted a few months. They broke up. A few weeks after getting her heart broken, she got fired from her job. It’s not something anyone would want to go through.

Despite all of the emotional pain she was feeling, she decided get back on her feet. The first thing she did was invest in herself and her wellbeing. She hunkered up in her apartment and bought all of the books about investing that she could find. She learned everything that she can about the types of certifications that people who work at Wall Street like to brag about. It was through all of that knowledge that she created the Invest Diva movement. Branding is sort of essential in these types of things because it’s easier to refer to something if it’s a recognizable name.

Kiana and her Invest Diva brand mainly offer mentorship programs that go through everything that you need to know about investing. They also offer a mastery program for cryptocurrency which, if you think about it, is really just another form of investment. The pricing for these programs aren’t available upfront. You need to sign up for a newsletter in order to access the free training webinars that Kiana offers. But from what I’ve seen, the experts-only program called Premium Investing Group costs $2,000 to join. I’m not really sure if it’s an annual fee or a one-time fee. Considering this is a mentorship program, it’s likely to be an annual fee.

From what I’ve read, the mentorship programs are fairly straightforward. It’s pretty much the same as other programs related to investing and trading. You get coaching sessions with Kiana. She provides recommendations regarding certain stocks you should invest in. Though in some reviews I have seen, Kiana doesn’t seem to be handling all of the day to day stuff with regards to her mentorship program. She still does some mentoring, but only for those who have high income earners. Everybody else gets mentored by previous students of PIG. I guess for a person who has a net worth of more than $4,000,000, you can do that sort of thing.

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