Kibo Eclipse Review (Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton)

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still out here with Steve Clayton selling sh*tty, half-baked courses, marketing them as the next big thing [it’s not], and abandoning them to sell another shit. There’s no sign of stopping him ’cause man’s chillin’ somewhere in Argentina. The least I can do is spread the word and review his courses like Kibo Eclipse you shouldn’t be touching with a ten foot pole. Scroll below for my exposé.

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On a blog dedicated to hype Kibo Eclipse, the course is described as an e-commerce program with many parts. One of these parts is the 8-week online training. Essentially, it’s the core part of the course. You won’t get all ‘em modules here in one swoop, though.  One at a time rather than all at once, just like an IV drip.

Like an IV drip, but not quite ’cause what you’re getting is comparable to poison, not nutrition. The type that doesn’t have much value besides hurtin’ your wallet. I mean, what would you expect from a product marketed through misleading numbers and deception.

That’s a staple with these guys BTW. They’re notorious for doing sh*tton of deceptive marketing. They’ll present revenue numbers and pretend it’s the net profit. It’s not, they’re actually lying, and you’ll prolly end up in the negatives if you do a biz the way they did. Assuming you’re not some fake guru like ’em selling pricey courses, anyways.

“This is something we’ve been using to make millions and millions of dollars each year,” says Steve in a pitch. He’s not wrong in a way, they’re selling courses for a living. I’ve mentioned this in a review before, but you can see the quality [or lack thereof] of their courses from their websites alone. Lotta typos and text placeholders that could be easily corrected and replaced, but they didn’t. They’re out of fucks to give.

“Every year, we take a step back and do a lot of deep research on new ways to scale our e-commerce business and to help you do the same,” Steve claims. Claiming to have done deep research yet they can’t fix their websites… Be forreal.

Moving on… Besides the online training, you’ll also get a software of some sort, a DFY shortcut, a bonus traffic training, and access to an all-day support and community [not until they decided to abandon the course altogether, I guess].

Speaking of abandoning courses, Aidan and Steve have done it multiple times before. They’re usually dropping support after a year or two, sometimes even quicker. That’s bad considering that it’s the main selling point. Now, what about the methods?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if their methods are crap or at best, outdated. They already made money selling it in courses. Then, they make more by suggesting tools that’ll earn the biggest commissions.

In other words, Aidan and Steve don’t have their students’ best interest in mind. It’s all about making their wallets fat with the least effort and authenticity. Seems like they’re figures of authority because of sales, but nah. They’re just getting away with grifting.

Kibo Eclipse Review

Dishonest… Total ripoff… Biggest scammer on the internet… These are just a few of many negative descriptions associated with Aidan, Steve, and their courses. And just a warning, don’t ever think a refund would save your ass from this purchase. With the way they drip-feed their modules [one module a week], you’ll probably only realize the need to request one when it’s too late [beyond the thirty-day refund period].

Not unless you’ve read this very review first, of course. I know y’all, my dear readers, would rather eat dirt than buy this mess. Might be a different story if you’ve read the other “reviews” first that meatrides Kibo Eclipse just to get some dirty commission money.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Kibo Eclipse. But if anyone’s curious about ’em monies involved, the price of Kibo Eclipse course is a one time payment of $3,497 or four monthly installments of $997. Some affiliate links would give you discounts, but I won’t go into detail ’cause, again, you shouldn’t be buying it.

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