Amazon Kick-Start Summit Review (Sophie Howard)

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard has notably tweaked her Amazon training offers since her eCommerce debut in 2014. And it’s not even just a simple rebranding of the same ‘ol product, the business model she’s aggressively promoting right now is different from what she has before. Some of her previous staples like the Amazon Kick-Start Summit are already scrubbed off her site too. Is she hiding something? Let’s find out in my Amazon Kick-Start Summit review below.

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First of all, I would like to give credits to whoever archived the OG Amazon Kick-Start Summit link. You da real MVP. It’s like they know something we don’t, or maybe they’re obsessed with getting the domain themselves, as there are snapshots of the said link that dates way back to 2007. It’s never as dull as it is now, definitely way more than an alternate link that redirects Sophie’s Kindle Publishing Income or KPI for short. 

There are interesting things to note here like the 2007 snapshot housing a fifty bucks Amazon course by a certain Pam Baird that is somehow similar to KPI. Both are promising profits from selling books. Pam’s is through selling physical books at a markup called book arbitrage while Sophie’s is from selling digital copies at a profit via Kindle publishing. I don’t think Pam is just Sophie herself, but you can’t deny the possibility of Sophie’s business model being inspired by Pam’s… I swear, I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat.

Hypotheticals and crazy assumptions aside, let’s move past the other reiterations of the  AmazonKickstart dot com. Instead, let’s talk about the version where it’s headlined by Amazon Kick-Start Summit. Turns out, it’s a free webinar slash hype content to primarily sell Sophie’s private label course in Blue Sky Amazon. However, there’s also a very subtle mention of digital assets which may (or may not) be pertaining to KPI.

I’m talking about the number two opportunity (named as “Digital Assets” Amazon strategy) out of three that will be revealed at the Summit. The other two would be the “Blue Sky” Amazon strategy and “Hidden Amazon Boom” Amazon Strategy. Regardless of different aliases, they share a lot of things in common. All of them have the potential to create a side income by tapping into “huge eCommerce mega booms” brought by the pandemic.

Wait a damn sec, stop right there. This is an obvious BS that’s peddled by every other gurus in the Amazon coaching space. It’s not fair to say that selling on Amazon can be a side hustle nor implying that it can churn out passive income on autopilot (only possible if you outsource basically everything). With how competitive it is today, you need to dedicate your full time attention into the endeavor to have a chance to make it work. Same can be said during the time where the Summit webinar is still alive and kicking which is, surprise surprise, just last year (2021)!

Amazon Kick-Start Summit Review

Quite frankly, I only see the side hustle promise as a lure to those desperate for an alternative stream of income. Typically, the desperate ones are the 9-5ers who can’t just risk quitting their job for a  potential biz. These are the people who know that leaving the corporate is too ballsy of a move to make if they’re currently living paycheck-to-paycheck, but will unfortunately get fooled into buying courses that sell a side income pipedream. Regardless if you’re a 9-5er yourself or not, don’t fall for the latter BS.

Good for Sophie that the opportunities brought by Amazon enable her to live in her dream house surrounded by ski fields and beautiful lakes. Results like this are definitely NOT typical especially when she’s cashing in checks from selling Amazon courses rather than selling on Amazon. And yes, I don’t think it’s a bold statement to claim that she, along with the usual gurus on Amazon coaching space, makes a living out of selling pipedreams.

That being said, I’m not recommending any of Sophie’s existing Amazon courses. Not the Blue Sky Amazon course that costs $3,995 nor the KPI that costs $2,485. Obviously, there are other reasons why I’m not going to f*ck with both, and it’s listed exhaustively in a separate review about them. As for the Summit, seeing it brimming with absurd claims just makes the decision of saying no to both so much easier. This is why Sophie is hiding something and that “something” is none other than Amazon Kick-Start Summit and its existence.

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