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Job Killing Review (Dan Klein, Brad Campbell)

Dan Klein, Brad Campbell

Brad Campbell left Job Killing for good during the time the said program was getting a lot of vitriol. Doesn’t matter to him if he co-founded it, he immediately calls it quits as he wants none of the negative press. The other co-founder that remained, Dan Klein, firmly believes that what transpired is just a smear campaign run by some psycho extortionist. The full scoop plus my review of Job Killing continues below, so you better scroll down, um-kay?

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By the way, I didn’t hear Dan’s allegation of a smear campaign against Job Killing from himself. Instead, it’s from a blog post by his former student, and now right hand slash business partner slash top affiliate in Ippei Kanehara. Fun fact, this same Ippei is the one who came to the rescue pronto and helped Dan rebuild his program after Brad dipped. At first, I was like “wow” because this is like some picture-perfect student-mentor relationship.

But meh, I won’t count this to hashtag goals after knowing better. In summary, these dudes don’t deserve any kudos for tag teaming in offering such an overpriced yet sh*tty programs. As sh*tty as Dan’s new-ish dishwasher blond dreads. Afterall, the hate that made Brad quit is more likely substantiated. Y’know, the kind of bad that can get the main guys involved, him and Dan before, sued just like what happened to the Empower Network, the MLM he’s known for promoting.

Unfortunately for us, Dan is one lucky fella because Job Killing is still alive and well, albeit going undercover. Job killing who? It’s more like brand killing for Dan as he stripped the program’s site clean of any indication that it’s Job Killing. Before, the banner displayed the name loud and proud like a normal guilt-free program would. Lots of video testimonials too, some of them are from peeps that are also gurus now like Abdul Farooqi of Modern Millionaires.

Look at it now. It’s generic, it’s bland, and it’s boring as f*ck. It’s just another “Online Education Platform” like it says on the banner. Definitely unrecognizable from the time where the OG “seasoned serial killers” duo, Dan and Brad, ask if you got what it takes to be their accomplice in “killing” day jobs in exchange for a no-rules internet business. Yep, a bit of an edgelord, they are. The only indication that the site is for students of Job Killing is the URL link and the rare mention of it in its abbreviated form, JK, on the FAQ page.

But why? Well, this is probably their way of getting away— not with bloody murder, but with, I repeat, selling sh*tty programs and courses. It’s so bad that BBB is now suspicious of them despite the relatively low number of complaints on BBB’s very own site. They got ‘em the dreaded alerts in red and mentioned that they recognized a pattern of complaints . That is, Job Killing churning out trash and outdated materials as well as  leaving their students plea for assistance on read. Asked Job Killing for an explanation and all, but, as usual, no one from Job Killing responded. Very telling of their ghosting behavior, to be honest.

The outdated stuff is from ‘em using the same ‘ol rank and rent technique in lead generation. The gist of it is you build your website from scratch, rank it with SEO, then rent it out to businesses once it’s all set and ranking well. All is easier said than done, especially with how Job Killing structures its offers. Before you can put up a decent website, you have to buy dozens of their upsells first. As if the price to start with Job Killing at $4,860 to $8,778 is not overpriced enough.

Job Killing Review

And yes, lots of complications already in the first step towards following their business model too. Beside the cost, another example would be setting a location for Google My Business (GMB) listing. Here, Job Killing’s recommendation of using a PO box or UPS address is not only outdated (again), but also suspension-worthy on GMB.

They know that it’ll cause problems, yet they just swept the issue under the rug by saying that Google just wants to keep the lazy spammers out and all you gotta do is not give up. Goddamn, this is the type that’ll say “just don’t be sad” when someone has crippling depression and I don’t like it one bit.

But yeah, that’s one of the many complications on the first step. There’s more on steps two and three as one, SEO is war, and two, clients will likely not come your way as the site created with Job Killing standards in mind is more likely just a steaming pile of sh*t. Of course, I won’t recommend joining Job Killing at all. Not over my dead body.

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