Transportation Academy Review (Kimberly Carver)

Kimberly Carver

Kimberly Carver is someone I don’t expect to see in the freight brokerage space. A POC woman in a biz dominated by the bigboys and rednecks, there’s no way! Kidding aside, the fellas I expect here are the ones obsessed with their trucks. This gal ain’t it. Instead of portraying herself as a truck enthusiast, she’s posing to look like a sassy business woman… A girl boss, but not the sh*tty MLM kind. I’ll tell ya more about her below.

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To be fair, it’s not a requirement for every entrepreneur to have a biz that’s also aligned with their passion. Same applies to Kimberly, she can have a trucking biz while not being much fascinated by ‘em big wheels herself. Although, I’ll admit, this dynamic is just an assumption on my part.

Why did I assume such? Well, just look at her Transportation Academy website. Snaps are mostly her with a laptop, and none of her with a truck. Not even for the PR. Similarly, the copy is all about the business aspect of trucking, including lots of bull a mentor wannabe would say.

My point here is she ain’t showin’ any love for trucks… the reason why I assume the dynamic I’ve mentioned earlier. But it makes sense that she’s actin’ like this, her job is to manage a fleet and show y’all how, and not really drive one. It’s still odd, regardless.

That being said, let’s finally talk about her coaching biz in Transportation Academy. First thing I noticed is the headline that greets us all on the homepage. “SUCESS STARTS With You,” they say, but I’ll say that’s not a very successful start to introduce a coaching company. For a text written that big, how the hell did Kimberly and her team miss the typo?

The lack of attention to details, just wow. Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter… It really does especially when it comes to securing necessary legal documents for freight operations. Dunno ‘bout y’all, but I also don’t want a mentor who’s not giving any f*cks on ironing out obvious mistakes. It’s easy to remedy too, yet she’s not fixing it. What a head scratcher.

Anyhow, the next thing I noticed is their selection of courses. There are short, “bonus” courses like the How To Get Government and State Contracts course and Freight Dispatch Masterclass as a way to start cheap here. These entry-level offers of Transportation Academy cost $97.

Then, there’s the six-hour live training named Freight Broker Training Online Course that’ll cover the A to Z on how to start and operate a freight brokerage business. The price? This Transportation Academy’s offer cost a one time payment of $1,990 or two payments of $999.

Pricey, right? But wait, there’s one more. The most expensive course, 30 Day Transportation Ownership Coaching and Monitoring, also includes training on financing and securing your truck besides the A to Z of freight brokerage operations. Price starts at $2,500, and will scale for “business monitoring duration”. As if it’s not expensive enough, ugh.

Thoughts about this? Let’s start with the business model first. The capital required here is actually similar to investing in real estate. I’m talking about needing $125k to $150k to secure a truck which is quite hefty.

Transportation Academy Review

In addition, truck insurance also costs a lot, around $9k to $12k every year. Then, there’s still licenses and registration fees that you need to cover. If I don’t like how real estate is pricey, I also don’t like it here. High capital investment should just be an option, not a requirement.

Regarding Kimberly as a mentor, it’s not just her lack of attention to details that concerns me, it’s also the lack of social proof outside her website. No harsh comments, no praises either. Odd how a company claiming to have helped their clients make a whopping $38 million and counting doesn’t have any reviews.

I can let this slide if her copy is able to demonstrate her expertise… but, as expected,  it doesn’t show that at all. What it shows is she’s just like the usual gurus. Putting emphasis on her initial failure without a mentor to show how YOU need a mentor like her, acting all high and mighty saying that her Academy is her way of giving back to others, and all that. Won’t get my approval with that BS, nope.

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