Kindle Publishing Income Review (Sophie Howard)

Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard is popping off the YouTube ads lately. This time, she’s inviting anyone who’s watching to a free masterclass regarding Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Obviously, it’s just a sales pitch to her Kindle Publishing Income course. She believes that the best way to get a recurring passive income is through the business model behind the said course. What is it, then? Is it legit? Find out in my review below.

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Well, the hint to the said business model is written all over the masterclass and course’s name. Of course, it has to involve KDP in one way or another, duh! What makes this completely passive, however,  is Sophie’s twist on it. Instead of publishing the books you’ve written yourself, you’ll hire ghostwriters for cheap to write on your behalf and publish whatever they cough up. 

To add, it’s not automatically writing about a topic you’re passionate about, but writing about the so-called Evergreen topics that Sophie vouches. These topics, like how to do potty training for example, are easy-to-rank ones on searches while still being in-demand and profitable.

To understand the business model better, let’s talk about the three keys to starting a successful online biz from Sophie herself (aka reasons to buy her Kindle Publishing Income). Key number one is choosing the right platform right off the bat. Go sell in a place where buyers would easily see you, or where you’ll expect people coming in to actually buy and not window-shop. For this, Sophie gives a thumbs-up to the known eCommerce behemoth in Amazon. The bias is certainly there as she started out as a mentor for Amazon’s private label selling.

Key number two is choosing the best product to sell. Guess what, it’s none other than ebooks. Not only does she reiterate not needing to be a writer yourself, she also mentions how the ebook sales soared to much greater heights, exploded figuratively, and how it was able to generate around $16.6 billion in sales by the end of 2020. Sure, she got something right with the figures, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. More on this later. For now, let’s cap off the list with the final key to getting a winning online biz….

Speaking of the final key, key number three is having a strong foundation on how to build a profitable biz. Where you’ll get that foundation, she points to her course. At this point, I imagine Sophie selling her sh*t like the popular caricature of a car salesman. She can’t slap her course just like how you can slap a roof of the car, but she’ll probably say something that follows the said meme format: “This bad boy can fit so much BS on it!” And yeah, the latter quote is some major spoiler alert that I had my eyes squinting with skepticism while she’s essentially hyping up her course.

Kindle Publishing Income Review

It doesn’t start well at all when she goes on to pick Amazon. It’s not just because of how saturated Amazon is, generally speaking, but also how their KDP offer is becoming scummy and shady after Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon’s CEO. Gone are the days of responsive customer service and transparent communications that authors and publishers of ebooks alike find satisfactory before. It’s the complete opposite now with all the lies, stealing of royalties, robotic response, and unwarranted banhammer going on. There’s a reason a lot of very recent reviews pointed out that there’s something real fishy going on here. Not the best time to enter this market for sure.

Regarding the figures, it’s not fair to say that the ebook biz has been booming since the pandemic without acknowledging that the sales have already slowed down last year (2021). Y’know, a “fall back to earth” type of decline as it’s back to pre-pandemic levels. Don’t promise success by cherry-picking an impressive figure from the past, talk about what it is now. Simply put, I’ll advise Sophie to stop being a misleading b*tch.

She’s also implying that you’ll get a (major) piece of the pie in the ebooks’ billion-dollar industry. No, you’re not. In reality, the money makers here are quality books. Unfortunately, the one you’ll publish, the word vomit you can barely call a book that your (cheap) ghostwriter coughs up, don’t count as one. Are you even willing to litter the ebook space with such crap just to make a few coins? I hope not. Thus, I don’t recommend Sophie’s Kindle Publishing Income with a price of $2,485.

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