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King Kong Brands is a company that’s headquartered near the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It was co-founded by Mick Parkhill and Scott Matthews. The company focuses on building a done-for-you turnkey eCommerce business for anyone applying for their program. And they claim that you can generate in as much as six or seven figures worth in passive income using the system that they built. It sounds unbelievable, does it? I have the same thought. But let’s get on with this review to see if they’re speaking the truth.

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The founders, Mick Parkhill and Scott Matthews, have a rather impressive résumé as eCommerce experts. They have 30 years of online experience (whether individually or combined is still uncertain at this time), and has built and sold several six- and seven-figure online businesses during that time period. In describing King Kong Brands, Scott has this to say. “We’re a full service ecommerce firm. Meaning, we handle everything from start to finish. We know what is working best across many markets right now because we’re constantly doing it for our own stores as well as our clients’ stores. So you can lean on our team, leverage our skills and knowledge, and shortcut your success.”

“Live your dream, work when and where you want,” says Scott when describing some of the advantages of investing on a done-for-you online business like King Kong Brands offers. Basically, in this business model, they’ll do everything. Setting up your Shopify business, the website, and its inventory. They’ll also take care of the sales that your shop will acquire during its run. All you have to do is to just focus on promoting your business and possibly some customer service as well.

“We’ve worked with hundreds of different clients from small to multinationals and we meticulously test and tweak and perfect our process to deliver the strongest ecommerce model available. These digital assets that we’re building for ourselves and our clients continue to become more and more profitable month after month,” he further states as he describes on what makes King Kong Brands stand out from other companies with the same goal.

King Kong Brands applies four proven principles in building and managing your online store. First, they identify winners and losers quickly. Second, they automate the system with infrastructure and logistics. Third, they understand consumer behavior and how to optimize for conversions. Fourth, they build bulletproof eCom brand authority. They also say that investing on your own done-for-you Shopify online business is the wisest decision you can make, compared to investing on stocks and real estate. Simply put, you get all the advantages of having your own selling business that rakes in a good amount of income from the sales it generates. The only difference is, it’s completely passive. You don’t have to worry about dealing with customers or the inventory running, or even worry about the technical side of things about your online store. Because all of them is taken care of by the King Kong Brands team.

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This means you can definitely make a constant stream of passive income with a done-for-you business like this. With this, you can attend to other activities after you’re done setting it up, like take a vacation, do another side hustle, etc. The only times you’ll interact with your online store is when you’re going to collect the sales. And just because it’s automated, doesn’t mean quality will be sacrificed. As the King Kong Brands team consists of experts in the eCommerce industry, your Shopify online store is safely managed in their hands.

Your done-for-you ecommerce business will also feature great quality products. There’ll be free shipping and returns from a U.S.-based supplier, and your customers will have an overall awesome experience and next level support. They’ll even try to build a store around your passion or expertise. Be it beauty, pets, golfing, fishing, traveling, yoga, home decor, or any other niche. The expert team will also do their very best to make your online store stand out in the competition, and hopefully get repeat buyers.

There’s no mention of how much should you shell out to avail of this service. But you can expect that this can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. I also think that there’s going to be some sort of profit-sharing from this system, meaning they’ll most likely take a cut out of your sales. Honestly, I’d prefer to learn to build my own Shopify eCommerce store rather than just leave it to the others. Even if you intend to recruit assistance in the future, learning how to operate a firm on your own is still preferable. It’s not a good idea to be unaware of how your company works since you’ll be more exposed to being taken advantage of. Besides, the Shopify platform is pretty saturated, so you may not earn as much as they advertise with this.

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