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The Kingdom Real Estate Review (Todd Fleming)

Todd Fleming

Todd Fleming shares in an Instagram post how he was crippled with bad debt before discovering the HEX Wholesaling method taught in The Kingdom Real Estate program. It was so bad that he was forced between filing bankruptcy or figuring out how money works. He chose the latter which he claims the greatest choice he had made in his life. With his HEX method, not only he was able to be freed from his debt but it also enable him to escape the 9-5 grind and become his own boss. “Financial freedom is a choice… and it is certainly a choice worth making,” Todd continues. Learn more about Todd and his program by reading this review.

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The Kingdom Real Estate is an online training program that discusses everything you need to know about wholesaling in real estate including his HEX Wholesaling method. Basically, wholesaling is a similar real estate strategy to fix and flip without the fixing part – investing in cheap and undesirable properties for the purposes of selling them back as is. You will profit by getting the mentioned properties under a contract and assigning that contract to a buyer at a higher price. The program was founded by Todd Fleming, author of a real estate book titled If You Can’t Wholesale After This… I’ve Got Nothing For You. Todd has also been featured on Success Profiles Magazine, Secret Entourage, Secret Academy, as well as dozens of podcasts.

The overview of the program is discussed on a free 30-minute presentation by Todd. Specifically, he explains wholesaling as a way of becoming your own boss and why his HEX method is better than traditional wholesaling practices. According to him, it has very high success rate (compared to only 30% on old school ways), creates consistent and predictable income, and very simple and repeatable. The HEX points namely foundation, abstract, infinite money, index, commitment, and duplication are also briefly introduced. No specific details yet unless you follow Todd by the end of the presentation and book a call with one of his sales agents. According to one of the program’s owners, this is by design since they only allow members to access their network.

From a sales call, you will be encouraged to get a 30-day trial where you can experience the perks of their 6-month membership offer before paying. The membership includes 6 full length academies, 2,000 additional hours of training, daily live training, joint venture opportunities, in-person meetings, accountability groups, deal review/analysis, marketing guidance, and help with cold call scripts. The membership is also with a guarantee that you will make your first deal within 45-60 days. The 6-month membership costs $8,800.

The Kingdom Real Estate Review

The price is very high but quite reasonable for the inclusions it promises. It is also cheaper than similar programs on real estate such as Tyler Deveraux’s The Multifamily Mindset program. However, paying for the said cost is risky because the program does not offer any refunds. The sales calls are also inconsistent with the guarantee of making sales in less than 60 days. One commenter in a real estate forum pointed it out by saying “the pitch sounds great, but I kept getting hung up on the no guarantee (on closing deals) and no money back issue.  It is hard to throw down $8,800 with no solid proof or certainty they will hold their end up.”

To add, it is important to note that engaging in real estate businesses is not for everyone. In fact, the strategy offered by the program which is wholesaling is one of the most high-risk branches of real estate and requires extensive experience. Todd will sell the idea as simple and very profitable when it is not always the case. First, wholesaling requires a vast network of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. This alone requires too much work and planning to have. Wholesaling is also unstable which means the information that is viable today can be outdated and downright useless in a span of months.

To conclude, Todd Fleming and his program is not a scam. In fact, the program is commendable for its extensive training on wholesaling. The said inclusion makes the steep cost fairly reasonable for those who really want to try their hands on real estate wholesaling. However, I am not inclined to recommend this business model at all since it requires too much work and planning to guarantee success. It is true that you can be your own boss with this model, but the work required is likely more than a 9-5 grind.

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