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The people that most viewers would recognize from a television series are obviously the actors. They’re the ones you will usually see on your screens. That’s not to say that people that don’t appear on-screen are irrelevant. Far from it. Without all of the people involved in the production, there wouldn’t be a show in the first place. The writers, the directors, the people who make the set, the people who light it, the who operate the camera and the sound equipment and the other people I didn’t manage to include are integral to making sure that the show looks and sounds good.

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But actors play a big role in how they portray the characters based on what’s written for them by the writers. Each part of the production is integral but the aspect of any production that we see most often are the people in front of the camera. It’s hard to imagine a production without any of the people involved with it. Nobody would have anything to show without all of them. Funding is technically the most important part of a production. Because without it, how are you going to pay for the people to do their part in the production?

It’s definitely harder to keep track of all of the actors that have been part of the production than the rest of the crew. For the most part, the production crew for whatever type of media often are the constant in any given situation. There are respective unions that protect the rights of all parts of the production whether it be the lighting department, the wardrobe department, makeup and hair, the camera operators, the writers, the directors and even the actors. There are just so many actors that get involved in a production aside from the regular ensemble.

Without so many different movies and television series being released and have been released, I haven’t really gotten the time to watch any of them. Not all of the stuff that gets released are the type that I would watch often. I’ll probably see an episode of some random series while flipping through channels because I got bored. Sometimes, it’s just hard to commit so much time to watch an entire season of a series. Especially if it has a longer runtime. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep track of all the details from one episode to another.

Klea Scott has been in the entertainment industry for a while now. She was born in the Panama Canal Zone but spent most of her time growing up in Canada. She seems to have wanted to become a dancer growing up. Somehow, her dreams of becoming a performer lead her to become part of the Canadian sketch comedy series “You Can’t Do That On Television.” She was part of the ensemble for about two years. That lead to her focusing more on acting.

After graduating high school, she moved to New York to study acting. It makes sense. There are a lot productions whether in film, TV and theater, that happens in New York. So it’s sort of easy to find a job. She spent her summer at the Williamstown Theater Festival before going to college at North Carolina School of the Arts. Shortly after, she did was cast in a few productions of Shakespeare’s plays.

Her professional television career started when she made an appearance in the eponymous Bill Cosby sitcom “Cosby.” She then went on to portray Officer Nona Valentine in the short-lived police drama “Brooklyn South.” She then went on to portray Agent Emma Hollis in the final season of “Millennium.” Most of her work was in television. But she did appear in the 2003 film “The Minority Report.”

She has gotten some steady work after that. In 2005, she was cast as one of the leads in the CBC series “Intelligence.” There’s sort of a huge gap between the end of Intelligence and her next major work. She had a recurring role in the ABC Family series “Pretty Little Liars.” It’s sort of surprising to know that she plays two different characters in the “Pretty Little Liars” franchise. After appearing in the original series, she played in the third television series in the franchise called “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” as Dana Brooker. At that point, she had a net worth of $1,250,000.

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