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Alex Smale may be a very familiar face to many of you. Seeing as you’re constantly seeing his video advertisements on YouTube, to the point that it may annoy you sometimes. But before he became that internet business guru that he’s known for today, he started out as a photographer. His first coaching program is all about teaching other photographers how to perfect their craft and create more beautiful shots. And it was rather successful for awhile. But as with almost all small businesses, he did suffer a hit during a significant event that not only changed his own business, but the entire world as well…

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Yes. Even Alex’s photography coaching business is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It practically wiped out his business overnight. Needless to say, Alex felt disappointment. So much that he sulked at his failure. But it only lasted for a day, because he knew that he can’t stay like this forever. He has to do something. He needed to rise again. And so, he started doing first what he’s actually good at. And that is online marketing. Basically, he also wanted to help others start and grow their own coaching program. And he started by putting up a sales funnel and monitored his website. Soon enough, he got his first high-ticket client in just a week.

And after a month since then, he’s been earning around $40,000 a month. His business plan seems to be working well. However, he found a bit of a problem. Some of those initial clients weren’t the best fit for what he was trying to do. He attributes this spreading his marketing a bit too wide, and his relatively low price point (especially for something that bills itself as a “high-ticket coaching program”) The result? He claims he’s enrolling the wrong people, not fit for the program. So he recalled his program, made some adjustments, tweaked them a bit, and relaunched his program. This time, the price is higher and the requirements to join are tighter.

And basically, it worked. The newer clients that were joining his program, known as “Sell What You Know,” have qualities that are suitable for even Alex’s business growth. Thanks to this, his business is also scaling. He was also earning six figures and more a month thanks to his coaching program. Clearly a big improvement over his loss during the pandemic. Looking back at this predicament that Alex had overcome, he said, “My answer to problem solving has always been telling myself there’s no such thing as a problem.”

He then continued with his statement, “There’s just challenges you come across that you need to go over, go around, just smash through. There’s always a solution for anything you’re doing. Especially if you’re free to just kind of let go of whatever you had before, and move on to something else.” He then borrows a quote from the movie Fight Club, where Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden, says, “Only when you’ve lost everything are you free to do anything.” He’s right. Once you lose everything, you’ll discover that you can basically do anything, and that there’s no limit to what you can do.

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And that quote has resonated with Alex so much, he has lived with it ever since. Alex explained, “It’s all about not crying over spilled milk. I think that’s what holds most people back. They kind of cling on to what they have already. If it’s not working, if it’s dead, if it’s broken because of what’s happening in the world, then just let it go, forget it, don’t worry about it. That ability to just be really cold and move on, immediately, is a big part of it.”

Alex also believed that, when you plan to start a business, passion alone isn’t going to cut it anymore. You have to be aware of the needs of your target market and your surroundings, so that you can provide the things that they need the most currently. Just as the pandemic had wiped out his photography coaching business, Alex realized millions of others were in a similar situation, needing to figure out an alternative way to make money. So his idea, is that he’s going to teach those individuals package up their skills and experience, and monetize it online.

If you would like to hear more of Alex’s story, as well as have him mentor you to come out with your own successful coaching program, you might consider enrolling in his Sell What You Know training program. Inside, he’ll assist with building your belief that this will, in fact work for you. Here, you’ll learn on chunking out your offer; creating it, marketing it, selling it, serving your students, and scaling up. But if you want something that can potentially help you create a passive income stream, I have just thing suitable for you. Click the link below to learn more.

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