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Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp Review (Amanda Kolbye)

Amanda Kolbye

Amanda Kolbye of Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp describes herself as a seven-figure entrepreneur, business coach, educator, speaker, and world traveler. You and I were supposed to be just like that, but instead, we just feel stuck and barely keeping afloat. Sweeping generalization aside, Amanda mentions that her Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp has the tools for us to step into the CEO role we’re born for. Big words coming from her which is why I’ll review her program below.

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First off, let’s talk about Amanda. As a seven figure entrepreneur, she already earned around $4 mil. Her words, not mine. Makes me wonder how much is from selling Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp… Which, BTW, she mentions as being more than just a business course.

As a business coach and educator, she has mentored over three hundred students under the Bootcamp. But it’s not just her running the thang, she got co-mentors as well who she claims to have all run six, seven figure coaching and DFY businesses.

As a world traveler, she says that she’s been to over twenty five countries. It all started with her migrating to Thailand. About six months of living abroad, she found herself feeling overwhelmed like other entrepreneurs.

But then, she decided to zero in and concentrate her efforts on launching a design biz. The rest is history, or should I say,she’s able to get five Gs on her first month alone, and she eventually get a lot more when she began her coaching biz. Of course, the coaching biz is none other than Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp.

Speaking of the Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp, the core training here is divided into three phases. Phase one is about business foundations. In this phase,you’ll learn about choosing your niche, ideal client, and personal brand, create offers according to your choice, and then price it accordingly.

Meanwhile, phase two is about marketing and sales. ‘Cause obviously, having an offer is moot if you can’t sell it for money. Lessons on social media marketing, email marketing, sales and lead gen, and discovery calls will be discussed here.

Finally, phase three is about scaling your biz. From streamlining your backend ops up to upgrading your tech and systems, it’s all here. Oh, and also, the phase also features modules on improving client experience, visual branding, and time management.

Besides the core training I mentioned, signing up for Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp would net you the following: weekly group coaching calls; student Slack support; accountability and [eventually] alumni groups; bonus tech workshops, masterclass, and guess expert live trainings; and access to resources library. You’ll also get an option for a VIP one-on-one call if you want to.

If you want one sesh of the said VIP call for free, you have to pay the cost of Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp in full which is $2,997. Otherwise, you could opt to paying in four monthly installments of $800, or eight monthly installments of $425 each.

While Amanda mentions other businesses suitable for the Bootcamp such as VA and bookkeeping, this seems to be more of a marketing course for aspiring coaches and social media managers. If you’re not about allat, then kiss your CEO dreams goodbye here ‘cause the Bootcamp is prolly not the best fit for you.

But what if you think otherwise? Well, Amanda listed a lot of testimonials from successful students that fit the course just right. Even got links to their websites to show they’re not actors from Fiverr. Seems very authentic to me unless girl has a whole ‘nother level of Tom Ripley dedication to fake ‘em proofs.

Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp Review

However, I don’t like how she flexes a 14-day no questions asked money back guarantee on her homepage when a page dedicated to explaining the refunds suggests a very different terms. From that to a 60-day ALL questions asked policy… The difference is night and day, really.

The extended refund period ain’t worth needing to complete 100% of the workbooks, watched at least 60% of the modules/lessons, and show up to 80% of the live calls. That’s a tough ask especially if you also account her additional requirements like the 500-word write up. What in the middle school essay BS is this?

IDK why she has to pull a bait and switch after all those impressive testimonials. All the glowing reviews only for her to get deceptive somehow? If she choose to be this shady, then her program is a no-go for me. Sorry, not sorry.

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