Affiliate Marketing Course Review (Ferdy Korpershoek)

Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek is a name that pops up when I search for tips on how to get started with WordPress. No wonder some peeps remembered him despite the confusing surname. It’s because he got some comprehensive WordPress’ tools tutorials on YouTube for free. But it’s not all charity work as he usually has affiliate links to buy the said tools. He’s truly an affiliate marketer and he’ll share more on this on his Affiliate Marketing Course that I’ll review below.

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A breath of fresh air as we got someone who’s walking the talk while not being too obsessed with it like Franklin Hatchett. He’s living proof that the saying “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” is not necessarily true. And it’s because he’s both a doer and a teacher. He pretty much excels at both.

As an affiliate marketer, his best selling product he’s affiliated with for four years and counting was able to get him around $424k in commissions. That’s only one product alone and he still has some that’s earning him close to $100k. As a teacher, he’s praised for being knowledgeable and straight to the point. Some complained about him talking too fast like it’s coming at ya at supersonic speed. Not that I don’t mind him imitating Eminem outside of rapping, but it’s better than getting criticized for talking too much fluff.

To add, I also like the premise of his Affiliate Marketing Course (the name being a testament of his straightforward, albeit a bit boring, demeanor BTW) which is earning passive income from affiliate marketing by (genuinely) helping people. “Doing affiliate marketing the right way” as he mentions.

To understand the right way, let’s talk about the opposite of it. Ferdy also calls it the “old way” of doing affiliate marketing. To start, there’s no shamelessly spamming links in social media involved here like he did way back 2007. He’s over it, as he should, because he’s ruffling some feathers in doing it without moving the needle that much in terms of income. No writing blog posts in hopes of ranking well in Google searches either (ouch). “I’m not lying, I’m not stealing…I’m just focusing on helping other people,” he concludes.

So, what’s his “new way” of doing affiliate marketing that focuses on helping people? Well, it’s about making videos just like he did in his YouTube channel. And no, don’t think that you can’t do it. Ferdy is just like the average person, or maybe worse according to him, as he’s been sweating buckets before already at the thought of public speaking. He didn’t even know how to speak in English at first. Yet, look at where he is now. His YouTube channel as of today sits at 270k subscribers and 26 million views. Impressive, to say the least.

Affiliate Marketing Course Review

If he can do it, so can you. To fast track your progress to becoming more like Ferdy in terms of being an affiliate marketer, he mentions signing up for his Affiliate Marketing Course. He’ll assist you on how to get the right mindset, how to get the right product, how to start a YouTube channel, how to record videos and edit them professionally, how to say and what to say in the mentioned videos, how to create an email list (yes, he’s recommending this too aside from being a content creator), and much more.

“I’ll take you by the hand, you can reach out to me, and I’ll go live, so we can have one-on-one conversations,” he adds. Ironic that he didn’t mention having mentorship and live calls in his course when he starts enumerating its inclusions. Don’t count on it as a regular thang, then. Instead, expect the following once you sign up: Affiliate Marketing Course’s core training, series of case studies, 100+ Affiliate Products list, and lifetime membership to the community group. The price of Affiliate Marketing Course is listed as $997 without any mention of refund policies.

My thoughts? I think this is kinda pricey for a course without regular live calls in it. I appreciate Ferdy  for not being pushy with his own affiliate links, but it isn’t enough to justify his affiliate marketing course being more about mindset and editing videos. Didn’t see any modules about what to say and how to say things here, TBH. Personally, I also found it annoying that he lowkey dragged people like me writing blog posts when he’s also suggesting creating one from a video (see module five about making an amazing video). I’m fine with his much more affordable courses in Udemy, but not this one.

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