Nick Kozmin Review (Growth Consultant)

Nick Kozmin

Nick Kozmin is an Engineering Physics graduate, but he didn’t start in a career expected from that degree. He started a biz that involves traditional door-to-door selling instead. Turns out, this stems from his short but meaningful stint at Canadian Property Stars as a sales rep during his junior year. I guess, being a top-performing employee there inspired him to do something similar to it again. Fast forward to now, his biz goes from traditional to now online, and it involves teaching others how to be a growth consultant.

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So, what’s a growth consultant first? According to Nick, a growth consultant is a rainmaker, a profit maker, and the real deal. They’re the one who moves the needle significantly and creates value, the dollahs, for their clients. In a classic d*ckridah fashion, Nick also mentions that growth consultants are a different breed – they are organized, they are friendly and polite, they dress well, they mate with the top girls (or boys whatever way you swing),  clients love them, guys want to be like them, among others. Reminds me of a copypasta involving the beard wearing the freshest of clothes, eating at the chillest of restaurants, and hanging out with the hottest dudes.

Nick explains further: “Specifically, they’re the one who pairs with an engineer, an entrepreneur, or existing business with sound operations and product to produce growth, and captures value on the delta of either profits or revenue or equity resulting from one’s work.”

Again, they’re a rainmaker and not just an internet marketer, salesman, strategist, nor manager. Give ‘em sound products and they’ll make money out of it by building a sales and marketing engine. In return, they get a handsome fee plus a percent of the profits or revenue or equity (just following the way he said it earlier) they helped generate. Sounds lucrative, right? Of course, he’ll say that, regardless of it not being a typical result, as he’s selling a course on how to be like that… how to be like him.

Simply put, a growth consultant is what Nick apparently is now (minus being the usual guru, obviously). It’s a way to become a millionaire in your 20s or 30s without being a world-class pro athlete or an entertainer. Also, this is the “vehicle” he used to reach “escape velocity”, the latter being a point where you can retire and live comfortably without working again for the rest of your life. Showing his physics knowledge plus traditional selling chops with some science-y buzzwords, eh?

Why is he still selling a course, revealing his secrets to being a growth consultant even, when he apparently reached escape velocity, then? According to him, his reason is beyond money and that he wants to help companies in dire need of growth consultant’s service, but can’t afford his fees.

And so, against almost everyone’s advice, he decided to train people to be a growth consultant like him in an attempt to fill the market gap. Yeah right, not for the money despite charging some ridiculous figure for the course. Specifically, Nick’s Growth Consultant course cost around $5,800 to $15,800. The figure varies depending on how your call with his sales reps goes.

Nick Kozmin Review

My verdict? I wouldn’t recommend Nick’s growth consultant course. Number one reason is the cost. It’s too pricey despite being the worst among courses with a very similar business opportunity like the ones created by Sam Ovens and Ravi Abuvala. Yes, the three are somehow related with Nick and Ravi being students of Sam. And yes, Nick’s course is the worst here by being disorganized, outdated, and full of unnecessary alpha male stuff.

Second reason is the aggressive sales method that comes off as off putting and extremely douchey. This is by far the most agreed upon concern regarding Nick and his course. In a forum thread, Nick has the audacity to spew some BS to excuse himself. He mentions that the reps, some being outsourced, are beyond his control when they don’t follow his non-pushy script. Yeah… NO. 

Not when his company is widely known for its toxic work culture. Obviously Nick is the one to blame for it. Here, we have misogyny (disappointed, but not surprised), unhealthy workplace competition, and the “sell sell sell!” mentality. Heck, there are numerous reports of Nick scamming his own sales reps by not paying them their commissions! That’s the third reason, I wouldn’t support someone running something close to a sweatshop in terms of sh*ttiness. The high turnover rate where his sales reps quit within a month says it all.

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